Low Ballers!

Went to a wealthy part of town again for some storefront work and kept running into people paying $40 for in and Out with 43 windows all the top ones needing to be poled. It’s getting a little frustrating. I want to focus more on Residential now but don’t know where to start. Thinking about handing out fliers. Also finding competitors offering $39 in and out for homes and also $89. I just did a house the other day for $80 outside only.

How long did it take?

Took me around a hour maybe more. Pretty easy job. Single story. I spent a little more time then i should of because it was my first and wanted it to look good. Hey man just checked out the vid of ACWC you guys are setup pretty nice man.

The thing I noticed about high profile parts of town is that ‘every body goes there’ including window cleaners hard-up to get business. Most of my commercial are small to med. businesses Not in strip malls or overly popular areas. (think down the road a little bit)

When I started learning to clean windows, I borrowed all the equipment I needed from someone who was willing to help me out and teach me the trade, and then I pretty much just asked people at the church I was going to if I could wash their windows to get experience. I started cleaning windows full time just 6 months ago however and still consider myself new to the business.

I am not a stranger to frustration either. Iwent to a strip mall to get accounts and learned that there is an old man going around cleaning windows and charging the same that he charged in 1985. I asked for 12 I/O, hes been doing it for 5!

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[QUOTE=djpic5;11154]The thing I noticed about high profile parts of town is that ‘every body goes there’ including window cleaners hard-up to get business. Most of my commercial are small to med. businesses Not in strip malls or overly popular areas. (think down the road a little bit)

I will focus more on that. How did you get your residential?

Yeah, commercial/store front is frustrating.

a buck a plate is pretty normal here.

That $39 house thing would not fly here. I remember back around 5 years ago I got REAL desperate. I did the $99 for all window in and out (no hidden fee)

Nobody trusted me and I got 1 job… that canceled. Next flier was $139 and I booked 5 that day. Commercial prospects and consumers look at price very differently.

Thick skin and determination is needed to build a solid route.

Are you based out of Carolina?

I’ve only done about 10 or so Res. jobs (since I started full time 6 months ago). My first one was from a the general manager at business I visited, another from a craigslist ad, another from a drive-by who asked me if I do homes and some others from referrals and flyers and 1 from one of my former professors. Another thing that has helped is being willing to do more than window cleaning if someone asks and being willing to learn new things. I bought a simple scrub brush and some bleach (~10.5$) and made ten times that so far this month removing mildew or algae (or something green - I’m not a botanist) from high places with my ext. pole. I use an angle adapter which really helps get any angle. (I know, its redundant) I myself am trying to get all I can get in commercial And residential.

Yea South Carolina.

I feel stupid asking this… do you have palm trees in Carolina? I noticed it in your logo

Other than the rich history there, I know very little.

Yea got palm tree. The palm and moon is from the state flag.

See, I learned something today :slight_smile:

Lowballers are a huge pain. I deal with it everyday. I’ve run into guys charging less per month for a weekly service then we’d charge to simply come and clean once. Sometimes I shake my head in confusion on how these guys can charge so little. Best advice is to just keep plugging away. Stay familiar to the business owners and hope their current window cleaner does something to open the door for you to get in there and take those accounts.

Why do they call them palmettos in SC?
Is it just to confuse all the people who are moving up there from FL?

I guess.

I got this guy named “Freddy” who rolls around in this stupid green pickup and trys nothing but to low ball all my accounts…and the funny thing is I have never ran into him once! this guy has it out for me, really. I charge $45, he charges $30 and does a crappy job. He works out of his truck, has no name for his business because he does it all under the table. If I see this guy, I’m gonna have an exchange of words.

I kinda want to find his phone number and call him acting like the IRS and scare the stupid out of him…is that against the law??? Is there some way to put this law cheating, no good, price cutting, crappy job “window washer” out???

man I want to kick this guy in the nuts.

Yes you can contact the IRS and report anybody who you think is cheating on taxes…

just go there website and check it out.

REALLY…Yes!!! you better believe I’m all over that.
Freakin dirty cheaters, making us honest WC’s look like crap.


I agree with Sean The Salesman. You have to keep pluggin’ away at it. Low-ballers will kill you in some circumstances. My defense against them is this, “I understand that you may be able to find a less expensive service, Mr. Customer, however, I have found that you will only get what you pay for. By hiring someone that is less, you may have a bad experience with that person, if they show up at all. Here is my card. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems in the future, as I will more than happy to help you in any way I can, Thank you.”

I usually sign the deal with them the next day after they had enough time to think about it. If not, they call a month later wanting to know if the quote I gave them is still good, or if I could come out and fix the other guys crappy work.

Whatever the case, keep trying. Don’t stop asking until they tell you to not come back. I suggest a book, [I][U]How To Win Customers And Keep Them For Life.[/U][/I]by Michael Lebeouf. It has very good information.