Low Ballers!

get this book


Someone moved the keys around on your keyboard.

My bad. Found out who the baller is today.

Or changed the keyboard layout

Not that I would ever do something like that


All revenue is considered cash flow.

What is your definition of “CASH FLOW?”

If your boss charged a higher price (instead of “so little”), wouldn’t it still be considered cash flow (just more of it?)

doesnt it take 3 minutes to put water in your bucket or a spray bottle?? what about finding parking???

then more time to get payed. whether you collect payment on the spot (ideal in my opinion) or it’s mailed in, this still takes time.

pretty much

I hate Low Ballers

My buckets and spray bottles always arrive on the job pre-watered.

did it take 3 pre minutes elsewhere or does a magi deliver?

Marcia Brady delivered them.

You must be a democrat.

or republicrat

In business like this that have a low entry barrier you will always come across this sort of thing. DON’T TRY AND COMPEET WITH SOMEONE WHO IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS or not really in it. Focus on what you can control not what you can’t.