So, my wife ran across an ad on livingsocial.com today for window cleaning. The company running the ad has a very nice website and looks totally legit. The special he is running is $59 for interior/exterior window cleaning (25 panes) plus 15 screens.

Now I will admit that I am fairly new to the window cleaning biz, but does this seem ridiculously low?

Depends how he’s pricing “panes” but as for myself I have a $150 minimum just to show up for a window cleaning.

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That would put him at only $2.36 per pane, and that includes the screens. Wouldn’t that be considered very low no matter how he is pricing panes?

If a house had 6/6 with storm windows and he charged pane then each “window” would be 12 panes inside then 2 storm panes, and the same on the inside… That’s 28 panes in just one window

That ad might be a starting price to attract customers and then once they hit the pane limit he would hopefully charge a much higher amount for each additional window or pane

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Purchase 50 cleanings from him and send him to your desired locations.

Let him take those customers.

From what I understand about living social. You are required to discount your prices 60 - 80% then they get 50% of that. Living social and groupon have put a lot of small businesses out of business. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.


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Astoundingly low. Don’t get too concerned, there’s no way someone can operate a business at those prices.

You are correct, so this guy is actually making $29.50 out of that $59.

a lot of guys run these type of coupons the wrong way. They will get a bunch of undesirable work and coupon cutters. Running these deals the proper can be great for any business model.

Dont let the low ballers bother you. plenty of good customers out there. just gotta get yourself in front of them.

Living social is as horrible as the customers it brings you.

like uranium yellowcake

That is Crazy Eddie low pricing!! But, he wasn’t that crazy was he?
25 panes is only 6 double hung in/out. Thats $10 per window. Still a little low, but not bad. Then he makes up what he is losing by selling the rest of the house.

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ive been slacking on my reading… :wink:

He is either really dumb or really smart.

who knows, maybe he does a half a** job and is in and out the house in 30mins, that comes out to $60 an hour.

Crazy Eddie got busted, didn’t he?

Your showing your age. Man remember that commercial, and yes he did get busted

I think 25 panes is 12 double hungs

That I am!