Lowe's - Werner LG wannabe 14' on sale

Check this online, it might show around $109 but enter your zip code to see if offer is available on your area.

I already have one so I don’t need it, but it might help somebody


hope you can use it

I purchased an MT-13 (13’) from Lowe’s last year for $59 on sale (regular price was $99 then.)

69 dollars here

I have that exact ladder. I’ve had it for several years now. I use it more than any of my other ladders. It’s light, but sturdy, compact, and very useful.

$69 in my area, might have to get one. Thanks Carlos!

24’ is $129 by Werner.


will this ladder fit in a car trunk, I’ll have to use a car starting up and then get a bigger vehicle. anyone put this in a car trunk/ thanks

The smaller one should fit in the trunk of an average size car.