Made some decent cash today

Well for me. Walked into a place today had about 28 windows told the lady ill do outside only $20. Inside and out of doors. She told her husband he said no will keep it in house. I was like ok have a good day give me a call if you ever need it done. I guess the guy didn’t see the price. He came out before i got in my truck and said $20 ill give you more than that just do whatever. So i did inside and out. Brought me 80 bucks before i finished the outside. Man i had a smile from one ear to the other. He told me i didn’t charge enough? Might raise my prices from a $1 a window to $2 or something. Tried to get him on my route but he said no just check in. Was a good day. Picked up the local KFC for $55 inside and out had about 30 windows. Should i have charged more?

I think it might be a good time to raise your prices. I think most over in the US are looking for $50 p.h. as a rough low end. Thats before employees, gas, taxes etc. Once you start pricing low, its hard to get out of that pricing structure - as any referrals you get, will quote what you previously priced for others. Then again if your service & quality is low end - you take what you can get! Something tell me this ain’t the case, so before you trap yourself in that low end pricing market, perhaps it would be a good time to review your business plan for now & the future.

Yes, it sounds like there was two doors. Two sides of doors doors at one dollar a window makes $4. Plus 28 windows at $1/window makes $28. So at one dollar a window you should have charged at least $32.

Yes you were too low.

Right now I charge about $1.30/per outside window. $2.50 for in/out.

With the price for gas going up, you should be looking at charging decent prices.


Kenny: What’s so special about a cash job?


True that.

Your right this ecomony is so bad that my April this year was my best month ever, only to have June be my new best month ever. Oh wait maybe I’m confused.

Please don’t tell all these people calling me to clean their windows that the economy is so bad. If they find out they might stop calling.


You should have charged like $250.00

You are crazy man…

All i can say is Low Baller


Not all economic conditions are equal in every locale. We’ve read Kenny’s posts on NWCD about his specific conditions in Florida already. You’re not living Kenny’s reality.

Other industries are negatively affected by today’s economy (notice I didn’t say bad economy.) Real estate, new auto sales, etc. Others may never take a hit.

If you are apologizing to me, there is no need, I was not offended. I just find it humorous how quickly we can switch from how much money we are making, to how bad the economy is doing. That’s why I said don’t tell my customers, because if they find out how bad we think it is they’ll stop calling; then my economy will really be bad.

If I remember right many of his post on NWCD had to do more with the level of competition, not state of the economy.

KennyD Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 3:19 pm Subject: Business Decline…

[I]Commercial, people having hard time paying. Cancel service, they can’t afford it anymore. We aren’t doing high rise so maybe it’s different, but the company I work for is getting beat on the commercial with the economy.

It’s everywhere. It’ll only get worse before it gets better, we need a chance![/I]

KennyD also today posted - I just “agree” with everybody when they say it’s tough.

Many times that what alot of us do, just agree when when others say it tough.

I believe that Kenny was relating a real circumstance when he posted on NWCD, despite today’s comment. Don’t you?

So, there is no location where it may be “tough” due to economic conditions, whether for WC’ing or other service or product providers?

It’s true that not all areas are affected by the downturn in the economy.

In Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and in the east Newfoundland are doing very well. The economy is growing, and there is low unemployement due to the high price of oil (because these provinces produce a high amount of oil). While in Ontario we are very close to a recession due to the Canadian dollar appreciating, the high price of oil, and the car companies scaling back production and laying off workers.

So while some provinces in Canada are doing very well, others like Ontario are very close to a recession. So not all areas are doing equally bad.

True dat, I live in a nice part of san diego and things aren’t all that bad here. Last year I lived in some pretty poor areas of New England (mostly in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire) I have also lived in some of the not so economically strong areas of Michigan. I can tell you this, I am TRULY TRULY GRATEFUL that I am cleaning windows here and not in some of those places. alot of people are having tough times for sure, and I can’t imagine trying to sell alot of them on window cleaning right now.

I detect a bit of sarcasm…

cause of course, 250 dollars wouldn’t fly.

Well that is what i would charge, or i walk, just another reason why i never bid Commercial…