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Hi there

I’m doing some research on bulk mailing and I decided on do small batches and just buy the stamps a $0.27 for postcards and let the post office do the walk for me . It’ll help me to track results more accurately and is easy on my pocket at the same time.

My question here is how do you get a hold of mailing lists ? I know you can buy them … where? from who?

I also remember reading something around here mentioning how to get the information from online source like Property Tax website or something like that.

HERE is the website were my “target market” is, or at least where I’m planning on getting started.

Any help will be appreciated;

Thanks a lot

I am on the same page as you Carlos any help would be great for me as well.

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I can help you guys…

Don’t you want to help others at the same time?

Doug is there anyway you can give us a short description here?

yeah… a short description would be nice.

i think you go to the camber of commerce.

what. for a mailing list…

Doug, thanks for the offering Doug, but if you can help others while you help me, I think is a win-win.

I’ll call you anytime soon during the day if it works for you.

I’ll like to hear the preach on WFP :slight_smile: for real, I’m looking to get into that, probably next year.

Call any time man,

This is going to sound bad… but I always sound bad lol

If you invest nothing into advertising, why would anyone call you? It may seem like I am taking a shot or trying to make you look bad, I am not.

Your site is not exactly the be all end all to superior marketing. You don’t do anything else with advertising. Your advice would be based on what actual experience?

You kinda are riding the “do nothing and stay busy” train. Most of us know what happens if we sit and wait, don’t we?


Demographics are the key. Do not buy by area or zip code alone. Pick a area(s) where you want to hit and then hand pick your demographics.

Home owner
home value
annual income

Think of your current customers (and even the calls you get that don’t convert) Who are those people? Do they share any similar qualities or attributes?

There are many places to get a list. Shop around. Make sure you get the list and choose “multiple use” so you can use it again and again (usually not very expensive). Repetition is key here my friend Carlos. Too many people give up after one mailing. Hit them again and again. I would pick a good area and hit them every 2 weeks.

Just make sure you know the area well first. I will try to find some good list brokers and let you know.

That is because i did all the advertising when i 1st went into business my friend.

btw, i like that you are being the way that you are, keep them coming CFP.

What was the extent of that advertising? What was your process? Did you use mailing lists (the topic here?) If so, do you collect data? What exactly can you report to us?

when i 1st went into Business i did the yellow pages(big mistake) I think i got one client from that.

Then i did the pennysaver for one year. they were expensive but well worth it.

I did a postcard campaign also. like i said you don’t really see any activity until the 5th or 6th mailing to the same postal route.

then i got my website optimized(seo). and that was the best thing i ever did.
As of right now and last year i turn work down since i can’t handle the workload. So i get to cherry pick on who i want to hire as a customer.

Great Info!:slight_smile:
Is the pennysaver one of those all classifieds papers?
Do you know what your rate of return was on your postcards? did you track results for each successive mailing?
Man… I need to get a website.:rolleyes:

I think I may call you sometime to!
Heres an Idea - maybe all of us noobs can get questions together, then interview you (or others in areas of expertise and/or experience) and post a downloadable mp3 (or ogg file;)).

Call anytime people…

949 842 8245

The PennySaver???

When I think of someone reading the Pennysaver, the picture starts out with a double wide.

Not exactly my target demographic.

I use the County Assessor Website for a free mailing list. Well… not free if you factor in time.

From the county assessor website you can search the live property section… The link below is the Search Page for my County.

Click Here to see more

You can enter neighborhoods or whatever. It even shows you pics of the property. If you want to see pics search for the subdivison Mulholland on page I linked and click one of the links.

Time consuming but free.