Maintaining Water Fed Poles

Find out how to keep your thousand dollar poles looking like you just bought it yesterday! You may have to turn up the volume on this, audio isn’t too hot.

[video=youtube_share;k-fhtQ6XLhk]Maintaining your Water Fed Pole.mp4 - YouTube

Thanks, Tory!

You are the king of keeping equipment nice, we need help with that for sure, my guy broke a lever on the 61 Gardiner today, lucky I have one

Are you KIDDING ME Mark!?! You JUST got that pole. I got just the answer for ya…send him this video:
[video=youtube_share;vQIqVIqka5Q]Donald Trump - YouTube

Man, you sure dont mess around when it comes to keeping those poles waxed…

good lookin out Tory! Thanks for the video.

I tested something out Trevor, 4 different times with 4 different men. You give a guy a well taken care of pole to work with and he takes care of it. You give that same man a pole that looks beat up, and he makes it worse. Don’t know why, but all 4 times it was the same result.

The better the wax, the better the shine brudda.

Haha I know that must say you’re fired before even watching it lol

Thanks for taking the time to show us your tip’s. It’s easy to see you take of your equipment. I’m the same way. It must be tough when you have employe’s. Some people just don’t care. I work solo, & baby my equipment.

Tory, you are the man. Thanks for putting this video together.

People sometimes forget who much they paid and how much money these poles can make them not too long after getting their equipment and they will neglect to keep things clean.

Thanks Tory! We may just be cleaning the poles this afternoon :slight_smile:

Sometimes it IS that they just don’t care, but usually that will show with the quality of work they put out anyway. Also, being dog tired at the end of the day, it’s difficult to go thru the whole routine especially if your already frustrated for some reason.

I think for the most part its just human nature. If you see someone with a beat up Datsun 210 from 1987 thats got a beat up paint job and looks like its barely able to roll, I usually don’t think twice about leaning against it. But if its a brand new truck or car, nice and clean, I ain’t going nowhere near it, don’t wanna scratch it. Know what I mean?

I know the fellas that work with me care, the whittled down crew I have now, we all share the same passions about this industry and the same frustrations too.

Sometimes, I don’t even go thru all the motions either when I just put in a 12 hour day. I just want to go home, eat and see my son…you know?

Great point, Tory.

Great post my brother! Those poles shine like the top of the Chrysler building.
And, yes Larry, I did just quote Little Orphan Annie. :stuck_out_tongue:


[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana]Datsun was completely phased out by 1986. If you found a 1987 Datsun 210, in any condition, it’d probably be worth more than your house.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana]Sorry Tory, I just wanted to try to be Larry for a minute. ;)[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana]Great video![/FONT][/COLOR]

I had that problem once. When they showed me a broken pole that was only 3 months old I took it away and made them go back to a ladder for a couple of months. Funny how they haven’t broken it since.

Good advice, thank you Tory.
Any chance of sharing what type of brush (nylon or hogs hair) you use in certain situations.

Frankly, whatever I happen to have on the pole unless I run into issues. Sometimes the hogs hair will drag on the glass if its really bad and has a nice coat of crud on it. Yeah, crud is a word and its defined as nastiness. (aka-hydrophobic glass tends to drag a hogs hair…kinda like it would on a dirty shower door).

At first, I really didn’t like the Tucker brush, but I have been pimp slapped on that one and was schooled on how to PROPERLY use one, and I will say this; that sucker has some great cleaning power behind it. I didn’t like the Gardiner brush’s either because the bristles seem to be made of the same material. So I scored on my own secret stash of 5 brand new gardiner brush’s because I’ve never used them and WOW what a difference. Those things are light as a feather.

When I bought my 61 footer, like a doink I told Alex to chuck the gardiner brush it came with and got a big oval one. Yeah, after I used it for the first time I thought I was cock-o-da-walk in downtown SD 7 stories from the ground. Man, that thing was murder.

Now I know why Alex said “Dude, are you sure you want that brush that high off the ground?”. But since I know it all, I took it anyway and didn’t listen to the person who knows more than I do. I never even seen one before.

to answer your question before I pass out for the night…no preference between the 2 you mentioned. Only preference I have is efficiency and speed. I hope that answered it? I’ll re read this in the morning…super tired…


Hey Hombre…Are you saying you use that sweet Ms.Tucker Pole nylon brush on your Gardiner ? Is that even possible ?

Viejo Vato-Loco/Dange-O

It is possible. Unger makes a aluminum gooseneck for their Multilink system that with a little adjustment (drill the holes on the Tucker a little larger) and the Tucker brush now will have Euro threads.
Here’s the link for it -