Make brass squeegee's shine again!

Hi there, I don’t use my Ettore Brass channels too often anymore, but i’d still like to have them nice and shiny. I know its my fault they’ve lost their shine, ive left them in the water solution way too long sometimes. Ive shined them up sort of by using 0000 steel wool before but im wondering if anyone uses any chemicals on theirs that would shine up the brass making it look new again…Brasso maybe?
I just like to have all my equipment looking brand new all the time.

I used to play drums and used a cotten pad sort of. You can buy it at a local music store. I forget what it’s called but they should have it as it’s a common item. It’s natural cotten fiber that is soaked in something. Drummers use it to clean their cymbals. Works really nice and does not scratch the surface.

thx for the info…i looked up brass cleaning online, many suggested brasso, others vinegar …i tried the vinegar, and it cleaned it, i also took the worst off with a 0000 steel wool pad…but i think i might use that cotton you speak of, since i need something to kinda seal the brass to help protect it against the elements lol

Although i dont use brass all my guys do and personally speaking i cant stand them all shiny( i like the aged look myself) but…you may want to consider nev-r dull wadding compound comes in a can.I believe once you achieve the shine it will help to maintain it.

That it craig. That was the product I could not remember the name.