Making fliers?

What software do you all use to design your fliers? I am currently using word but it doesn’t seem to be doing what I want it to do. I was wondering if you all could recommend a affordable software that would help me make my fliers looks nice. something other than just text? Thanks

Hey Scott.

Definitely, unequivocally, absolutely Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements 5.0 is incredibly powerful and you can figure it out on your own fairly quickly if you’re moderately ‘computer-savvy’.

Can likely get it for only $50 at your local electronics-type store, too.

What do you want it to do (besides “nice”)?

photoshop, indesign or illustrator.

agreed, however I have seen some damn good full color fliers made on microsoft word, so if that’s all you got you’ll be fine.

no doubt you can make a decent flier in Word, but realistically if you want to make something that is graphically eye catching and professional, Word is not the first resort…but it’s all you got, then work it.

I would love to have my company logo in color for starters. on top of that borders, shading, eye catching fonts. placement of different pics or text that is not limited to a certain form. In the download section there is a flier that says “call today and save” the save is a nice big dollar sign. it’s from Crazy clean I think? That is the closest example of what I want to do. not trying to copy by any means but it’s the closest thing I can find graphically.

tell me what you want, and I work something up.

Fliers only need to look good enough. People really get caught up in design and lose track of practicality. Content trumps appearance every time.

For me it is all about functionality and learning curve. Nothing beats Microsoft Word and Publisher for me. Easy to use and I am able to make a very snazzy flier if I want to.

Publisher comes with a host of flier templates to aid in design.

I am not saying to avoid the others mentioned, I personally like what Office does for something very basic like fliers and postcards.

“Professional” and “eye catching” are subjective to the person viewing as well as the person creating the piece. The creators opinion is meaningless and filled with ego. Results are king.

Publisher can do some nice stuff graphically, Word takes more effort but if the content is good; it WILL get the phone ringing.

Both work. I have likely put out more fliers than anyone on here (20,000 are going just this month), and I am a testing fiend. My opinions are based on hard facts, not preference. I don’t give 2 sh-ts on what I like better, I want what works better.

If you have Office or Photoshop or whatever, just use it. No matter how pretty it is it will sell 0 if the content stinks. That is the problem with most peoples fliers, not the graphics.

Have you gotten more new customers than anyone on here? (I know there are MANY forms of advertising, however with the 2-3%, sometimes higher return on fliers that you boast, and the amount you say you put out should equal a hell of a lot of new customers, right?

this is actually my first month of a massive campaign like this. I have been getting ready for a while and hopefully it works out nicely.

I am putting out 5000 a week this month and see what happens. Ideally, booking up to winter would be nice.

[QUOTE=thelegendofdoug;12720]Have you gotten more new customers than anyone on here? [QUOTE]

oops, missed this. The answer is I don’t know.

I said I have likely put out the most fliers, not the most successful fliers. I have had many lay an egg over the last 7 years. many, many, many…

The first 3 years were a nightmare with fliers :frowning:

Can you post an example of one of your fliers?

I see. keep us posted on your success for sure!

yeah man, I’m still waiting for a flier

as mentioned above photoshop elements will give you tons of abilty at a low price. as a 1 hour photo owner for over 20 years i used photoshop for photo manipulation and ad creation. my ads ranged from small to multipage tabloid size. photoshop is pretty expensive but photoshop elements is cheap and should give you all you need. HOWEVER whatever you use be prepared to be slow at it especially at first. it can also be used for content creation in your website.

Photoshop is good - but lets be honest, your business is cleaning windows, not graphic design. Your best effort mightn’t actually ever get much better than you currently achieve with Microsoft Word no matter how much time and effort you put into it.

I use photoshop - I’ve used it for years & know it fairly well - but I rarely do my own graphic design,… its just not my strong point!

I’d recommend finding a professional graphic designer on or even and splashing a relatively tiny amount of cash to get a pro design. Its going to save you hours of frustration and look better at the end too!

Better yet, Join here WCR, then go here, [URL=“”]WCR ! Youll be happier in the end!

i built my biz on handdrawn fliers, the first few hundred i drew [on crepe paper] while sitting in my car , later progressing to printing copies on a laserjet printer by the thousand . i reccomend you draw and print your own ,but dont use crepe as its crap! ,by making your own it gives the personal touch which folk like