Mall no solicitation policy

How is the best way to avoid, work around, work with the mall management for their No Solicitation policy’s. Also what is a fair price for mall window cleaning, glass panels 3 x 7 ft. priced exterior and interior.

I would be minimum $12 per panel. And that is probably why I only have 3 commercial accounts :slight_smile:

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

ive [B]mailed[/B] postcards/flyers to the stores directly, $15-30 per front usually

Go into management show them insurance, business license and ask how you can be apart of this integrated structure.
T[FONT=sans-serif][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]ell them you’re interested in cleaning some of the glass inside the mall and you would like to know how you can go about doing it without any issues.
They should give you the opportunity to walk through the mall without issue. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

thanks Sharon for the info, I appreciate it…Chuck

thanks Rob

What he said. The mall management only gives companies a hard time who do not register with them first and show proper insurance etc. The mall is liable if someone is hurt on the property and they also have interest in how services being performed affect patrons to their mall, hence the rules for the time of day you can clean. Cooperating with the mall management actually bennefits you as a lot of your competition won’t bother with mall accounts because they don’t want to jump through the hoops to acces the mall.

I know some guys here who half there business is mall accounts. Tjey go out at 4-5:00 am and do mall accounts until 9:00 and them go do a residential and there off by 2:00.

If you have enough accounts in one mall you can keep yoir prices low. Get a cart with wheels so you can carry all your gear in and not have to carry a full bucket of water accross the mall. It makes the jobs much more enjoyable. Go through befor the stores open and do the outsides and then go back when the manager gets there and do the insides and collect signatures and or money. Most malls have a cut off time for how late you can do the mall side of the glass usually 9-10:00 am. But you can usually stilk do the store sides after the cut off.

Sharon, what type of response did you receive from the flyers and once in were you ale to obtain work while on site?

thanks for that piece of information I will do that.

it wasnt a great response, actually, maybe 1-2 accts we picked up. most of the stores weve serviced have gone out of business. I have more strip mall store front accts. Our mall is really small here, you may have better luck where youre at.