Man Vs. Woman?

Hey guys… I have been working the door to door thing and doing flyers… so far I have been getting just “ok” results… I was wondering if I would have more success sending a woman to do the door to door thing or if I should since I am the owner/operator of what I am trying to sell… I find some people to be really nervous with a 33 year old man being at their door in the middle of the day. Let me know what you think…

Here is the thing… it is tough either way. It is a hardsell way to get business (it does work though)

I don’t really think it is any better to have a woman do it.

We HATE door to door sales… so I guess I am not the best person to answer.

If you are getting business, you are getting business you may not have got otherwise.

Until you are able to automate a marketing system, do whatever you can.

Congrat’s for trying door to door. I think more should try it.

I think if you are going to the door, you should put the householder at ease when she (or he) arrives at the door. Compliment them on the house, smile, don’t crowd the door. don’t speak too fast.

If you send a woman to the door (and I’ve seen a few women window cleaners). Make sure she is knowledgeable and is able to sell your service.

I don’t think you should feel that you are making people overly nervous if you are calling them in the middle of the day. Just put them at ease.


Thanks Mike… it’s actually a very tough thing too do… I would have never imagined that it would be, but it is. Maybe I am scary looking or something? or maybe they think I am going to offer to lower their gas bill or lower their phone bill… who knows…

What’s your spiel when you are at the door? How are you dressed? what approaches have you used? if you wish you can pm me.

maybe they just hate door to door salesmen…

I do

I always have a golf shirt on or something with a collar… and usually golf shorts or docker pants… not jeans or anything… the spiel is usually asking if they would like a free estimate on their windows… or something to that nature. Maybe like most people they just don’t like door to door salesman… but it’s the best way when your just starting out like me… or so I have been told.

hey John, sorry I didn’t get back to you on your last e-mail.

I think since your girlfriend is offering to help then it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Have her watch/help you do a job sometime to know what your cleaning service includes. Next, go out both of you, one take odd numbers, the other even. After hitting up 10 houses each, take a break and exchange details on the response you’re getting.

What Mike said about making the customer at ease is very important. You may be nervous talking to strangers but believe me, in some cases they are more nervous.

Keep your spiel short and sweet and get to the point in as few words as you can. [I]“Hi I’m john from Oasis Window Cleaning. I was just in the area giving out free quotes. Would you like to know how much it would cost to do your windows?”[/I]

It’s even better to canvass the same street that you just did a job at. The you can throw in [I]“I just did the windows over at Mr. Jone’s next door…”[/I]

Why not go out at the same time and see who gets more work? If the female destroys you in getting clients, then you are the cause. Either the way you look, talk or something. If you are both roughly the same, then it’s most likely your area. If she has the time and you have the time. Both should go out. If you are going to be in the same neighborhood, try and dress the same. Same color shirt and pants. Sometimes you get the jobs sometimes you dont. I walked my hood last year off season in January. Got 3 jobs in 2 hours. Walked this year and put out an outside only special for $100, on large homes around here. Not one bite. I’m willing to bet you should get some jobs now, it’s the season. Also depending on where you live, you may get more work in May. May is pollen season here in Jersey. If you go out just after the drops is complete, people will be more likely to purchase the service cause they will see the pollen on the glass.

to be honest, I would have everyone I had available who is willing to help me, out there knocking, passing out fliers, posting on local forums… whatever.

screw babysteps

Why do you take such a negative view of door to door canvassing when you admit that it can be a very effective marketing form?

OK I don’t normally copy stuff from one web site to another

However Don the window cleaner put a little story on his web site and here is a part of it:

“If you are in a culture of dirt, you may have to sow a few seeds of higher expectations to get someone’s business. I did this with more than a few businesses. I remember a car dealership that I wanted to get as a client. Their windows were filthy. I was tired of soliciting businesses who excused themselves by saying, “we already have a service, and they do it once in awhile,” so I decided to just show up and clean the window next to the dirtiest one. Then I got the manager and said, “Hi, I just cleaned one of your windows so that you could see what you should be getting. If you like, I will make the rest of them look like this for $135. Or, you can tell your current service that they have to match this one.” It worked. I got the job right then, and I did them for years afterward”.

So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

I have sold door to door for many years carpet cleaning, real estate, cookware, and now window cleaning (I love the service business)

First of all forget trying to make the sale at the door the first time you meet someone, you only want to find out if they would like a quote (an estimate) and give them an information brochure (get a nice one printed)

Wear a bucket on a belt with a mop, squeegee, a scraper and microfiber finishing cloth (use a new one) Chris posted this

Offer to clean one window (ground floor) in there house and do a real nice job

Then write up their estimate don’t be afraid to get to know them a little after all you are trying to develop a “long term” customer relationship with this person (usually the lady of the house)

Make sure they are in your target market IE trying to sell an up market clean to a lower class area don’t work real well

Now if they are interested ask for the order (we can discuss basic sales later)

I don’t know the numbers (how many homes to getting the orders)

I’ll just say here its all about the numbers!!!

So what I’ll do is go and knock a bunch of doors over the next few weeks doing just ^^^^^^ the above^^^^^ and that way we can discuss the process a little more OK

I’ll catch up with you all the best

In answer to your question man v’s woman it don’t matter I’m a 44yr old fat man with a smile never had any problems door to door works

Well, it is not negative, it just is.

I hate doing it and I hate receiving it.

Effective has nothing to do with my personal feelings.

Somtimes you got to put your personal feelings aside when a form of marketing is effective. For instance if you clean one house on a street, you may go and speak to our householders to see if they want their windows done as well cause Mr Jones got it done.

I think we got to get outside our own feelings to be effective.

or play to our strengths…

does it matter that much that I do not like door to door? I mean, who gives a shiat

I always say it can be effective, isn’t that enough?

I think you are on to something here…

Offering to do one window free (ground floor only) is an excellent idea. It gives you valuable time to build re pore and build value.

I am too old and lazy to wear my BOAB while walking neighborhoods. But if it slows down I will know how to get instant business.


One thing I forgot to mention

Not every one likes door knocking

I have seen a person get so uptight and agitated about knocking doors she threw up every time she went out (but she did it)

So if its not your thing find some one to send ahead of you and pay them a commission on the work they book

Straight up peoples door to door is the most effective way to to sell anything

I would even go as far to say “Its an express success machine” even if it makes you sick!!!

All the best

Having experience being on both sides of the door, what makes it so painfully awkward and annoying is that most peoples spiel are way too long.

I can’t stand when someone comes to my door and rambles on. get to the point dammit!

I always liked Don The Window Cleaner’s story about teaching his son basic salesmanship. “Hey, my son Donny here will cut your grass for $5, what do you say?”

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

you keep it pretty short. Then if they are considering using you, or want to know about your services you can tell them all about your USP and what you do for the customer.

I keep it fairly short too. On commercial route I simply identify myself, request to speak to the decision maker, and then ask if they want a quote for window cleaning. If they want a quote, then I may speak more indepth about why they would want to use me.

You got to say some convincing stuff. If, we go back to Don’s illustration. The $5 sold the lawn cutting since it is very cheap. But if you are the high priced guy and you want to cut the grass for $50, you got to do more selling, when they are ready for it, when they want more information, or are considering using you. Or if they think your price is too high, and you got to show you why your price is such a good value.

For those here who are unaware of this acronym, it means [COLOR=“blue”]U[/COLOR]nique [COLOR=“blue”]S[/COLOR]elling [COLOR=“blue”]P[/COLOR]roposition (also [COLOR=“blue”]U[/COLOR]nique [COLOR=“blue”]S[/COLOR]elling [COLOR=“blue”]P[/COLOR]oint.)