Managing software

What managing software are you currently using to help operate your business? We currently utilize the latest version of Quick Books. Also does any one use any scheduling software as part of the package?

We use Service CEO

a lot of the people here use the customer factor.

I would love to hear some user reviews on the customer factor…
Being web based can be a major plus to me.

well, when i’m running my route and Mrs. Jones says she wants her windows cleaned, I’ll pull up CS in seconds and tell her my openings.

As well as put in new accounts on the spot, not when I get home.

I can accomplish this with my Palm as well (synched daily.)

Tell Pepper I said, “Hello!”

What is CS ?

I’m sure they’re referring to the Customer Factor…

I use Quick Books online, but use the calander feature in my blackberry for all my scheduling.

I can print invoices, estimates, statements, and fake money all out of the truck.

I use I just started using it about a month ago. It’s really simple to use and if I have any questions I can always call Steve. It really helps to keep my biz organize.

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I’m w/ Larry on this one. I use a Palm and then I have my schedule w/ me at all times. The problem I see w/ CF is that even if you had a laptop w/ WiFi there are some areas you couldn’t access it.

I’ve been using CF for around 4 months now and its been a great help. Specifically with scheduling. It seems to be one of the few programs out there tailored to window cleaners. I generally print my schedule for the week every Monday and take it with me in the truck. This way, laptop connectivity doesn’t hinder access to my route and/or calendar.