Mandy's Web 2.0 pick of the week

This site is pretty cool. Ya know when you want to print out a page from a website and you get all the ads and stuff in the print out? This removes those ads and saves paper. All you need to do is go to the above url and type in the address of the page you want to print. It is really easy.

Thanks for that. Its rare that I do print - but it’s gone into my favourites.



I never see ads unless they are hosted by the site that i am on. I use Opera with ad filters. Havent tried printing a page yet. I usually copy, past and format anyways if I do happen to want to print.
Every once and a while when I do happen to use IE, I reallize how good I have it - the pages look so clean, crisp and refreshing on my Opera in comparison.

Im tired and ranting… Sorry

huh…thats actually pretty slick…