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Hey guys,
Is there a website or something where I could do market research on a national level? Such as
-how many window cleaning companies there are in the nation, broken down into, commercial, residential, and storefront?
-How much is spent on window cleaning per year nationally?

  • How many people actually get their windows washed?

I saw on is said there were about 8,000 window cleaners nationally, but I feel like there should be more than that? maybe i’m wrong though. As always, your guys’ help is definitely appreciated!

Don’t know why you would ever need this info.

How many companies, who freaking knows. Only companies that matter are your competition in your market.

How much spent. That info is probably somewhere on a .gov site.

How many people hire. Well there’s about 320 million people in the US. The top 20% of income earners usually hire us. Most homes have 4.5 people live in them. Lots of of people are DIY. Enjoy that math problem.

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Maybe not national numbers, but I think this is a great topic. For me, the most important question is how much is spent on window cleaning in my market. I’m just starting out and that would tell me what the potential is. So if someone finds the .gov site that has that, please share. Of course, any great advertising campaign creates a “need” where there wasn’t one before. I just need to convince my market they need a window cleaner; not just any window cleaner - me! :slight_smile:

How many companies? I agree, only ones that matter are your competitors. Google window cleaners in your area, and that will tell you. If you have competitors that don’t show up on an internet search, they probably don’t matter.

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Well the national stats definitely are not relevant to me right now, but I was just wondering. One thing I like about window cleaning is you’re not really tied down so you could pick up and move if you ever wanted to. At least that’s what I think… That’s why I was wondering about the stats to see if that was realistic or not.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for


A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for

you are right that you can move anytime but you will find that longer you are in one area it will become harder to move.

Window cleaning pricing is defined, for the most part, by the competition and while you can get averages it does not give a complete story to each individual area.

[MENTION=4520]optimumaintenance[/MENTION] it would become harder because the longer you’re in one spot the bigger your customer base would be, making it harder to leave that spot? is that what you mean?

Yea. When you get to a certain point things start working out smoother and if a person has branded themselves well the work comes easier and marketing budgets can actually drop.

[MENTION=4520]optimumaintenance[/MENTION] makes sense, if that didn’t happen then I’d definitely move and start over lol

Great topic! I have looked for this data for years, you’ll never find it all in one place. My guess is there are at least 50k window cleaners nationally. Download our census issue here - Window Cleaning Business Owner Magazine

I think its issue 12

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] I just got done looking at that issue! It has a lot of awesome information on it, thanks for the help!

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for