Marketing 2021

Hi, I’m new to this forum and business.
I’m wondering what would be some good ways to market for this coming year.
What is your plan to drive more leads and increase your sales in 2021?

Google ads
Referral program
increased marketing to existing clients
incentivize upsells


Scouting out newly built commercial and condo buildings, researching their management, and sending proposals. Redoing all proposals for 2021. Raising prices on undesirables.

Working on other businesses so as to vary and diversify our income in order to weather economic storms to come.

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How will you be scouting for newly built commercial and condo buildings?
Is there a resource somewhere that tells you any new buildings that are recently built?

I run or bike every day and try to explore a new region of my service area. I keep track of what’s happening and developing.

Try everything, keep records and find what works.

There are a few things that always produce (if you know what your doing), but what works for me in North Jersey may not work in Texas and vice versa.

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actually if you do some research you will find there is a wealth of info depending on what type of business you are looking for.
every construction, renovation or alteration requires permits, these are public info and you should be able to find lists published.
every land transfer is recorded and puiblished
these are just 2 i know of in my area.
when i worked in insulation we used to get all the new building permits daily, and we would make contact with the contractors to see if we could quote insulating.
you will likely need to pay a subscription.

We are optimizing website, going to do google ads and considering EDDM. I think it all depends on what kind of company you want to be. There are people who are satisfied just making their 20k-25k a year doing storefronts and a few residential homes. They’ll go door to door to accomplish that and spend next to nothing on marketing. Others are looking to have an established business and will therefore invest ALOT into it to get car decals, memberships, SEO… I think before you get into thinking about marketing, think first about who you want to be and plan accordingly.

Speaking from experience, in this business you hear alot about ‘mindset’. It may sound a little like psycho garbage but it’s absolutely vital in the business.

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I started our business 6 years ago by handing out 4000 flyers/postcards/door-hangers.

We’ve tried several things over the years but really just being present in the community and collecting reviews online and having a good web presence is the most effective.

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