Marketing Blunder? Human Blunder

It seems I have come on here and discovered a post from one of the guys about his flier. In this post I really did not look at the flier I just happened to key in on the response he said he got.

Once I did that and then read that “Professional Window Cleaning” colors and a few pics is all it takes… I got stupidly defensive about it. I felt compelled to defend all I have learned. It just did not make sense to me, so in classic CFP form I went on to dig deep into the story to make him a liar, in turn to reassure myself all is well.

Do I believe it now? who cares. Was I wrong in my approach? 100 million percent!

I let the pressure of all my current business, my extensive marketing to-do list, along with a troubled personal life squirt out all over someone. Why I called him out is just stupid. I have had many head scratching moments on forums and just kept my trap shut.

I did not even really criticize a flier, I criticized a man. A man whom I like. I have been creating marketing for myself and others for 3 weeks straight. I have only been going out on Fridays to have dinner. The solitude got to me. The lack of interaction has got to me. That is the main reason I ventured back on the forum. To be with people who share similar problems and gather together.

This is really an apology to Crazy Cleaner for insulting him far beyond the threshold of simple debate.

I am sorry for insulting you as a man


way to man up…proud of you Paul! It all just got blown out of proportion.

Apology accepted CFP…no hard feelings

That was awesome, man.

That’s why we love these forums…GOOD PEOPLE.


Terrific gesture.


Nicely done. Sincere and honest.

CFP, I’m glad you posted this. Glad you’re back.

I hope things work out well concerning your personal life. We all have our issues so I hope all works out well for all of us. We are all Brothers in a sense so it’s best we all get along and show respect for one another. You did this in this courageous post.

Rock on Bro’