Marketing Bootcamp for Window Cleaners

If you haven’t signed up already TODAY IS THE DAY. The Bootcamp will be held in Greensburg, In. (half way between Indianapolis and Cincinatti on I-74) on Aug 24-26. You will learn when and how to market, how to do it for less of your hard earned $$…sometimes even FREE. Cost of the event is $79 per person or 2 for $125. Hotel reservation will book up quickly as there are other groups in the area this weekend.
For more information and to register click here or email Charity OR call 812.593.5894.

We need more marketing focused events like this. I’m happy you guys are putting this on. I hope to be able to make it… Any other WCR members in the area?

I know Josh Cronin and Empire Jorge are going.

Does Jorge, do nothing but travel around the country attending window cleaning events? Dude gets around

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Right! Dude travels constantly… He was with me all last week and he still drove everywhere…

We need a business building focused event here on the west coast. All these things are back east.

I would arrange one, but I’m not even sure where to start…

Golf tournament

I agree about needing a business building event in the west coast!!

Pristine Window Cleaning LLC


Couldn’t make the BBQ but I’ll make it to this one.

Oh cool that’s great news!

The largest percentage of WCR members are on the west coast. You guys should get a thread going and put together a little get together. I’d be happy to sponsor it if you can put it together.

Im gonna be a good event, Chris if your going i will buy your drinks.
We have been using your mailers, what a difference a year makes, we are up

Alright [MENTION=373]Bill Blair[/MENTION] I just bought my plane ticket… What day do you get in? :slight_smile:

Any other WCR members making it out?

Hi guys I look forward too meeting all that attended the bootcamp!
And for you guys on the west coast, we didn’t know where to start either I wanted a window cleaner event closer to us because none of the local guys will attend the other events because of distance(the closest to us is the window cleaning network picnic and its 400 miles from us) so we just decided to do it! Heres a couple steps to get you started
#1 figure out what you want to do (we chose marketing because we have many friends who are great at it and we knew we could get them to speak at the bootcamp)

#2 a basic outline of the events you want to have and approximate cost for those events.

#3 sponsors … looks like you already have a good start on that :wink:

It will be nice to finally meet you Logan… :slight_smile:

You too Josh! Don’t forget my brush blocks this time :cool:

Is there an airport closer to Greensburg other than Cincinnati?

Chris we will b there fri afternoon looking forward to it