Marketing Bootcamp for Window Cleaners

The Indianapolis airport is about an hour drive

As I said before I could GREATLY benefit from a event like this, but I would like it to be on the west coast. Vegas or Southern Utah are two areas that I think would be great. Both area have great activities to do. Southern Utah has all the outdoor recreational activities if that what your into, and would be cheaper. I don’t care but I would like to go to an event, but can’t since they are all so far away. Plus it would be nice to put faces with everybody’s names.

Pristine Window Cleaning LLC

Do you have to be a wcr member? I’m 6 hours away might be able to make it.

Hey thats good to hear!

Attendance is open, its not a official WCR event we are just sponsoring it. (and attending) Hope you can make it.

I love meeting new WCR members at events like this… Its especially cool when everyone knows each other by user name rather than real name. Its always nice to officially meet.

You can register for Charity and Logans event here:

Marketing Bootcamp For Window Cleaners

Thanks Chris :wink:

I am registered and booked at the Hamton Inn. I really look forward to this event and spending some time with my peers.

Looking forward to meeting you George!

Look forward to meeting you as well Logan. Excited about listening to Jeff Emsweller and picking up some tips to better utilize our Chambers memberships.

Dang I really wish I had know about this a little sooner. Wanting to meet ya guys

It’s too bad you cant make it. We are only about a week and a half away from the bootcamp!

Looks like I will be getting in Friday afternoon.

I should be arriving Friday afternoon as well. Around 3 or 4pm

When I spoke with Charity last week to book there were about 50 seats sold. Has the event sold out yet?

I believe she has room for more… Last she said atleast…

We do still have room for more.

Indy and Cinci are pretty equal in distance

What is stopping you from making it? How can we help get you here?

If you need a ride from the cinci airport let me know, I have one and we have room for another or 2.