Marketing budget allocation

Curious as to what percentage of marketing budget is allocated to social media marketing?

Or just “online” in general.



Most companies allocate about 5% total for advertising. So a portion of that would be for social media marketing. Really it all depends on what you can afford. You want to set stepping stones. Start with the free stuff. Most is free to start like yelp and angies list
They also have paid programs like pay per click. Website is super important. Just take it one step at a time. At least that is what I am trying to do

@DaveYogi this link my give some input.

Its not deep in % but it gives some peoples experiences with FB.

I was talking with an individual in the industry this morning, they said that their online marketing was 30% of their total marketing budget.

companies that what to grow spend large amounts even apple one of the lowest spenders is at 7% salesforce over HALF their income, 53% on marketing. marketo spends 66% of revenue.
personally im finding if i want to grow 30+ is needed.

Currently spending about 2% of gross revenues on FB advertising. FB is the only social media that I use. I will be increasing that percentage soon.

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