Marketing / Business Blogs

As a reminder on the bottom of the forum page we have a few Marketing / Business blog section. There is a ton of amazing info that is pumped in on a daily basis’s.

These are the blogs that are piped in:
[B][URL=“”]Window Cleaning Business Coach

[/B][B][B]Vic Johnson: Motivational Speaker and Author[/B]

[/B][B][B]The Window Cleaner[/B]

[/B][B][B]The E-Myth Blog[/B]

[/B][B][B]The All County Window Cleaning Blog[/B]

[/B][B][B]Small Business B2B Marketing[/B]

[/B] [B]Robinson Solutions Blog[/B]


[/B] [B]M&M Professional Window Cleaners Limited[/B]

[B]Life of WCR in Photos[/B]
[B][B]John Maxwell on Leadership[/B]

[/B][B][B]Guerrilla Marketing Blog[/B]

[/B] [B]Duct Tape Marketing[/B]

[B][B]Dale Carnegie Connect[/B]

[/B][B]Cleaning Up[/B]
[B][B]AchieveMax® Blog by Motivational Speakers and Consultants[/B][/B]

Basically anytime there is a new post on the above blogs they automatically post here @ wcr.

Thanks to those that have suggested blogs to be piped in. If you have one you think the group could benefit from let me know and I will hook it up.