Marketing changes you plan? Also please check out my site

Here we are, in a whole new year. I am trying different marketing techniques already. One thing I changed was my website feel and flow, at least that was the goal. - Home
I have someone set up to take some professional pics later this year, most if not all on the site currently are mine.

So, could you give me some feedback?

What marketing changes are you making this year?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Just click on link below)

Are you ranking well?

Which lines are your H1 and H2?

When I Google window cleaning in my area I am #4 on the front page. Just under Serv Mag and a few other large company’s like that.

Please clue me in on the H1 and H2

Jeremiah, I like the site. I just looked at it on my iPhone (the desktop is down), and I thought it was really cool that you had a mobile site. Is that something your server provides? Who hosts your site?

As far as content, one small formatting comment: in the services page you list hard water removal. You have parentheses around the paragraph describing them. Parentheses don’t really seem necessary, in my opinion.

Also, my last name is Gibson :slight_smile: nice to meet you!

As far as marketing, we’re getting ready to do an eddm campaign. And we’re also working up a list of upscale commercial properties to mail a brochure to. Then we’re gonna follow up with phone calls. We’ll see how it all goes.

Thanks TJ, or should I call you Cousin! LOL

Hey I appreciat the comment on the hard water paragraph. And yeah, the mobile site is included with my hosting. I use weebly. I use to have a different host and a different place for my domain name, nightmare. So I bundled with them and I like it. Easy to make changes and pretty inexpensive compared to others I investigated.

Cool marketing idea, I just made brochures and sent some out to commercial prospects today as a matter of fact. We must be related! :smiley:

My goals this year are to expand my exposure by means of SEO, send out postcards in the spring and summer, and perfecting my existing referral program.

Nice and direct, very good goals.

Checked out your website. Think it looks great!

Let me know about that jw group you were telling me about.


Nice to have you on Dave. I’ll get you in bud :slight_smile:

[h=2][SIZE=2]Why are you here? Because you care about your home or place of business!

You are at the right place, because we care too![/SIZE][/h]

I like how you draw the reader in like that. Identifying with their need and concern on an emotional level. Seems like it will be effective.

If I were you, and this is just my opinion, I would change the home page’s picture to that of your services page - Services -

The header on that page should be your homepage IMO.

Overall, Looks great Jeremiah!

Thanks Jesse! I will try messing with that. I have been getting some really good tips on the wcra private forum too. Thanks for the help!

Your page looks great Jeremiah

Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

I like how your site looks. Easy to navigate and makes you the reader feel you are not talking about what you can do in general but what you can do for them.

Felix, thanks. I just revamped my home page today. Trying to incorporate some fundamentals from Kevin’s book “$600 h/r”.

Jeremiah, site looking good so far. Add some testimonials and a coupon. Look at my site