Marketing Dollars Spent

So there has been alot of talk recently about marketing and it looks by the poll the majority will increase their advertising campaigns.

Where will you focus your dollars?

How long you been in business?

Direct mail mostly

How long you been in business?

8 years

I’m going w/ a website (I know I should have had one years ago just procrastinating) and direct mail to some of the upper middle income neighborhoods in my service area.

Been in this business for 4yrs.

Same thing for me as the previous two, but I also plan on doing alot of cold call visits to larger commercial establishments. The direct mailer will be primarily for residential, but with my new goal of not personally doing any of the cleaning, I will be out in force to hit the area commercial low-mid rise buildings. I am also going to be contact school district, two local universities, and lots of Hotels. I am also planning on using direct mail for commercial prospects too. I want to put together a package that tells the prospect what we do, how we can specifically address their needs, and a list of local area businesses that we already take care of. With business cards and warm-calls, I want to blow out this un-tapped market.

Going on my third year now.

Looks like we all have the same idea. I sub-contract a lot of janitorial firms so I’m sending out fliers to the ones I don’t do business with. Property managers, hotels, hospitals, and universities are also on my list. As you might have guessed, we are a high rise firm.

Matt Johnson
Blue Sky Window Cleaning

I spend anywhere from $200-$400 on new customers. And around $500 on current customers.
That $200-$400 goes into publications that have proven successful for me. They go directly into mailboxes every month. I’ve got a tad over 800 residential customers. 1 commercial account

In business since April 2006



We will be handing out a ton of fliers. Billboards and bus ads may be in our future. we also will be hitting a couple home shows. some direct mail to target areas. We have been in business for 25 years.

Hey Bert, I don’t know if you already have all this planned or is just in your to-do list, but I’ve been thinking a lot in targeting hotels in my area, but I cannot figure it a good “method” yet. If you’ve tested something and don’t mind share the results I’ll appreciate it.

Never seen anyone doing maintenance window cleaning on hotels in area (or anywhere else)

Dont want to sound like a dope…But…can someone explain what exactly is Direct mail…Thanks

Postcards, flyers or any other piece of marketing that you sent to your customer/prospect via traditional mail. I think that’s a humble definition but you get the idea

Isn’t ‘direct mail’ with the customers address (& sometimes name) on it?

[QUOTE=Chris;28455]Direct mail mostly

Who are you using for direct mailing?


I use me… I just coordinate everything.

Some one writes the words, I pick the offer. Someone does the graphics stuff, then it gets sent to the printer. We use a few different printers through out the year.

It ships to us, then I have it sent to a guy who puts the address info on. They come back to me, then we ship them out in increments every Wednesday or Thursday.


Interesting. I usually send mine out by monday, tuesday so it’ll hit during the week. I’ve been hesitant to have them mailed out later in the week. I have an assumption people don’t look at their mail on the weekends because there is so much more advertisement going around. I’ve had some success in putting it out there late in the week the few times I did.


I noticed our best booking day of the week is most always Mondays. We also used to mail out on Tuesdays, but this year I wanted them to hit Friday/ Saturday.

For 2 Reasons:

I read people are most likely to make impulse decisions on Fridays. (planning to book an appointment)

I think husband and wife teams talk on Saturday when they are both home from work. (this is when they decide to call on Monday and book)


I never thought of this like this excellent insight Chris.


Thanks for this little tidbit Chris. I’ll use that on my mailings.

Not to ask another stupid question but what is the method of getting it to them via mail. How do prospect new customers? is there a mail service that will delvier to a specific region of your city or something? or do you go to door to door handing out flyers? or is just for existing customers?

2008 average monthly advertising was 4000. (lost my ass) Phone books, direct mail, all the .com stuff and radio commercials.

9 years

It can be for your current customers or you can buy a mailing list. They will send you the mailing labels of whatever demographic you want. IE…High income, home owner, local zip codes you service, new home buyers, residential, commercial etc…etc…