Marketing Dollars Spent

Wow, you spent $4000 per month, Tim?

That was my average…The economy swayed south after I signed a bunch of contracts! 2008 was to be a big year for my business, had everything in place, my systems dialed in, a remote office, hired & trained the extra help and tripled my advertising dollars.
Ive had to experience some hard lessons over this last 5 months.

Wow, that is a serious investment.

Sorry things kinda tanked with some of that, that’s frustrating.

Whats the biggest, most important marketing lesson you’ve learned?


I’m already in 2 phone books, one local, one in a nearby city. I’ll be in the city’s internet pages as well. I’m also in one newspaper and am trying to direct people also to my website. I ordered some survey cards to give out to existing residential customers to find out how we can better or more fully serve their needs. These will be given only to ones that are the most lucrative and appear to be sources of more income for me.
I’m also making a more dilligent effort to call existing customers to give them priority booking. I’ve been in business for 23 years and at this point I want better customers, not necessarily that many more customers.

We’ll be doing our first ever mass mailing to prospective clients, and still be sending out postcards quarterly to all of our existing clients. This year I cut out yellow page ads totally and will spending those $$'s advertising in MORE of the local papers. I plan to really go after people selling their homes as they will be more apt to have window cleanng done in this market.

In 30 years of doing this, advertising in the local paper has always been our best marketing. Low cost, very high return. We’ll see what happens.

Ive been doing a lot of # crunching today and it looks like we are going to be dumping most of our advertising to go heavier on google adwords and direct mail.

10 phone books will get cut along with a few miscellaneous magazines and local papers.

We lost # on some phone books :frowning:

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