Marketing in poor weather

It makes sense to me to take poor-weather days and use the time to market your business, but the gloominess and associated emotions can affect sales. It’s mid-May here in CO with snow and wind. I thought about going to car dealerships, but figured I’d do better on a nice day. I’ve decided to stay inside and do more marketing research. I may put on some nice clothes and go to some big-hitter real-estate agents.

Do most of you take snowy or rainy days and use them to market?

Yes, but I think it does affect the responsiveness of the customer to the sales pitch.

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I use rainy days for creating some new or editing WCRA marketing pieces and catching up on paperwork… Some rainy days are more successful than others as far as getting work done

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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… I don’t contact people or do mailings but I do work on longer range marketing plans, among other things.

I always use downtime to work on my online marketing - linkedin, facebook, website etc etc – build connections & gain exposure.

Payback on these methods is far from instant, but the results are long term, so your work today could still be generating new business next season. :slight_smile:

I use downtime to do other things that’s not window cleaning
I like to enjoy the rain.
While I am a superb window cleanser, I understand that
Flat plane crystaline silicon cleanseing is just a small part of my life, not the whole.
I have found a long time ago thAt marketing in inclimate weather has a much lower “yes” rate

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