Marketing Pure Water Cleaning

Has anyone created and flier or mailing that promotes the benefits of Pure water cleaning to help you get jobs? Less ladders on building, don’t have to rent a lift, etc. If so, has it worked?

90% of customers don’t care how the glass gets cleaned, just that it does.

And depending on previous encounters with other window cleaners, WFP could be more of a detractor, since a lot of guys think it’s some kind of a magic wand and don’t use proper technique, giving the tool a bad name.

The one advantage you might find is with certain commercial customers, where the lower impact/intrusion and possibly more competitive pricing could be a selling point.


I have not seen a flyer (unless you have a commercial packet for large jobs), but I have seen details and promotional type facts on websites.

As noted above, some people don’t even like to see it being used and will demand the traditional method. Your tactic to this can vary. But locally, we get many who are more impressed by it than anything else.

Lol no! Don’t be that guy that goes out talking about di and ro. Provide a good final cleaning with the most efficient method per job, with a good looking proposal, well dressed individual or crew, with good communication at a good not cheap but good price. The last thing I want to hear is how much someones gonna shine my window with their ultra stage 3, hungry water, deionized, boars hair, ultra k carbon fiber high modulas yada yada. Save the spill and do the job

Prospects could care less about the technology.

They want a good service at an affordable price overall.

No one cares except you that you spent $4000 on a purification set up and light, stiff pole.

Just advertise that you clean glass and do the best job safely with your customers’ satisfaction in mind.

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I have never done a flier because I use to talk up the pure water aspect quite a bit on bids with customers when I first started. Then I began to see the glazed look in their eyes about 20 seconds into my spiel. Now I only talk about it with the if they ask. Usually they are fascinated by it and sometimes they are worried, so then I just assure them that those water droplets will all dry up with no spots and insist they call me if they don’t.


anytime you do any kind of advertising you are looking for some way to catch the interest of your target. your process is one of them.