Marketing to Commercial Clients

I do not recall reading about anybody doing this. How many of you do, or have marketed to you commercial clients? Or more specifically, to the staff of your commercial clients. I have just decided to start doing this. I figure that if I make some simple fliers to distribute to the staff and give them a limited time discount:

  1. I may get some more residential clients who are already familiar with me and the quality of my work,
  2. They will keep me in mind more often and refer others to me, especially if the business has a lot of customers - A catalyst to word-of-mouth advertising.

Are the employees the right demographic? If you are aiming at a grocery store it is not likely cashiers and the bakery will be interested. If you are hitting white collar businesses you will likely have better luck.

Instead of a flier, maybe a letter would be best for this.

I would also recommend that you obtain the permission of the big kahuna that hired you, before soliciting more business from the other staff on-site.

I was thinking along the along the line of professionals and the higher income places and to the business owners. Certainly any place the has unskilled workers (teenagers, college students) as the bulk of their employees would be a waste of time, But could still let the owners and mangers know about my offer.

I did this with a car dealership I did last weak (and coincidently, my largest commercial account to date) and the guy who called me in the first place to do the windows called me this morning and said he and another person want me to look at their houses next weak. I just dropped by there yesterday with the fliers and I did go over the idea with him first (last friday) before I got the fliers ready.

Do you mean a letter to the head honcho or to the staff? I thought at least fliers wouldnt fall by the way-side like a boring memo might. If you have more ideas about the letter, I would like to hear them.

Ok, cool…smart move getting permission first…

Definitely come up with an interesting and captivating (and sweet-perceived) offer that is completely customized to the business involved.

Here are some really quick ideas:

Get the big boss to endorse you somehow, and use his quote as part of a headline for your letter. I’m also thinking letter is better.

Think of what these people would love to get their hands on or spend their time doing, if they could, and make it part of the offer.

Create a special “insiders” prize giveaway that somehow only includes the staff at this location in question.

[I]Just thinking out loud here…[/I]

Endorsement? Sounds like a good idea. The place I did this at however, everybody commented to the boss about how great I was doing. But I definitely see the value in it if the majority of the staff are not familiar with me and my work.

How would I go about the letter? Make copies to distribute to each of the staff? Would I just matter of factually state that I am providing discounts to staff within the given time period after I have cleaned their business windows?

Personalized letter with each staff’s personal name on the envelope and also the letter itself. And make sure you sign every one by hand.

Personalize maximus.

And a great offer, obviously. (not to beat a dead horse, but this is a big one)

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