Marriott Hotels

Does anyone do any Marriott Hotels with pure water? I’ve been asked to quote a new one that has been built here. and i’m just wondering if buying a pure water setup is the way to go if we get the job.

It’s 4 story building with lots of cut ups. I think it would be a lot faster with a pure water system, however i’ve never used one before. This might just be the job that gets me into it.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Is it a construction clean up job? Depending on the condition of the glass, that may be difficult, especially with very little WFP experience.

Seeing that this is your first post, welcome to the forum. Where are you located?

where are you located

Thanks, i’ve been poking around this site for a while, finaly decided to join in

I’m in Edmonton, Canada

the construction clean has already been done. This will be the first regular cleaning.

I’ve done a Marriott hotel before.
all WFP.

Buy a Gardiner pole.
do you know much about WFP?

Definitely a wfp job! Talk to Chris and Alex about a set up.

By all means, go WFP.

a few pics of the job

Definitely wfp that bad boy!

looks like fun!

When you say clean water were you referring to deionized water. ?

DI or RO…or both

We’ve done Marriott with DI … works great, and they like it. Wouldn’t hesitate at all, and it will be a good way to break into the wfp category.

Spend the money on the RO/DI, these types of jobs pay for the machine, tools etc. Get a cart that is 110v powered. I know there are guys here who say get a battery one, but batteries die and with the cost of them after 4 or 5 changes you could have gotten a generator. Also the generator allows you power where ever you need it and keeps you out of the properties electrical system. I have tripped breakers once. Scared the crap out of me. I thought I fried the guys house caues of the water. Get a cart that can run 2 50ft poles. As far as poles go everyone will have their choice. But as I say get a 50ft or more. You can always go lower, but can’t get higher. It’s hard to tell from the condition of the windows, some look like they may have stickers on them? If they don’t I would prescrub with a mop. I am thinking of using a Unger, I have one and like the scrubing power of the padded strip. Make sure the scruber is loaded with clean soapy water. Start on the top, have a guy prescrub and you follow behind with the pole. If you are able to get enough money to hire 3 guys, then either all 4 of you can leap frog each other or team 2 can start on the next floor down about 10 minutes behind your upper clean. Look for water access and if you need a key.

Like I said this job would be perfect to get your feet into a WFP.

i have been told not to use a WFP on cut ups cause the debris and the dirt will still be lodge on the frames even if you water is down and it will streak:confused: Especially on the 3rd and 4th story…

I’ve used wfp on cutups at 2nd story level. It worked perfectly. You just have to be sure to scrub well and rinse well…especially the first time.