May's Thread of the Month Winner!

This months thread of the month winner is Beautiful View (Mark)

You win a Pulex Bucket!!! Red, Blue, Green or Yellow

E-mail me and let me know what color you would like.

Congratulations Mark.

what was the actual “thread” of the month that was so captivating started by beautiful view?

Congrats Mark, your a great poster on here.

oh sorry.

Video Mug shots.

It was easy for us to choose this post Mark… Its a super duper idea and thread. I hope more people decide to through one up.

This also qualifies you for a chance at the “Thread of the Year”. This honor includes a prize package worth over $5000.00!! (or pesos?) Congratulations! You are a winner. Which makes the rest of us “losers”. Good thing this wasn’t a Halo tournament. Halo Team Elite can even take down “WINDOW DOMINATOR”.


hey, thanks a lot guys. A blue one will be nice.

I really hope more people contribute to the video mugshots thread. I know many out there have video cameras but might feel silly putting together a vid of themselves. Hey, just get over it, we’d all love to put more than an avatar to your names. :slight_smile:

I just like it when Chris says “super duper.”