Mayweather VS. Pacquiao Title Bout

May 2nd is the up coming fight between two of the worlds top welterweight fighters Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. This is going to be an epic battle.

[B]Here’s how the guys measure up:[/B]

Mayweather VS Pacquiao
47-0 (26KO) 57-5-2(38KO)
147LBS 147LBS
72IN Reach 67IN Reach

If you love boxing you might want to tune into this match. It’s going to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vagas on May 2nd 2015. Negotiations about the fight have been going on since 2009 and finally agreed upon in December 2014. The belt is said to be worth 1 million dollars and Tecate sponsors the bout for 5.6 Million.

Who do you think will win?

These guys are both personalities so the fight should be fun, but frankly I don’t know much about boxing. I’m rooting for Pacquiao.

If you’re a business owner and you don’t root for Money Mayweather, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Read about him and his business and brand building sense.

My pick: Goes to Mayweather 12 rounds by decision.

Five years ago, I’d have been excited.
Today? Zzz…

But, just as the long overdue Tyson/Holyfield, I’ll shell out like the [B]sucker I am[/B]. :o

This fight is definitely way over due. Maybe it would be a better fight if they’d agreed on terms when they were younger.

I think Mayweather will win!

In the meantime, watch your road rage.

[video]Evander Holyfield shows angry driver why road rage is a bad idea - YouTube

Well. Wouldn’t THAT suck?!?

“[I]Ooh, yeah… I was just kidding. Uh Huh, Could I get an autograph?!?[/I]” :o

When both will walk away with millions, when its all said and done . I don’t see any losers only winners

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As long as you don’t count those of us who pay to see it.

I think we all know who the losers were in This fight

I want to see pacquia Win cause I can’t stand Mayweather , 9 years ago I thjnk he would of not now
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They all kind of seemed to end like that, in hindsight.
I [B]totally remember[/B] watching that.
I think I was a junior in high school, and just broke up with my friends sister.

(Yes, I was a P.O.S. but in fairness I didn’t know they were related until after we “met.”)

The look in Spinx’s eyes, is something I will never forget… just totally GONE! :confused::eek:

Humm, it’s probably better than dating her mom…

Yeah, I wish I never brought it up, because I remember why we broke up.
I nailed her best friend while she was on a cruise with her family, for Spring Break.

That Tyson fight was during that summer, and I was chasing her ass in full force.

Shit. Now I’m all bummed out. :frowning:
She still looks like she’s about 25 now, parents are millionaires, she got implants.
Her husband is a “musician,” and sits around playing guitar all day, on her parents dime.


I checked on the pay per view price… $89 plus tax and fees?. Dang… Okay so now, how many of you are watching it? Haha not me. I’ll tune into youtube a day or two later for free…

I have to. It’s going to the last big fight of this magnitude. Unless it’s a draw an they rematch .

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Draw or not, rematch is absolutely in the cards.
Probably two.
"Maywether Pacquiao III: Winner Takes All :rolleyes:

But yeah, I think I’m in the 'same camp.'
I kind of feel like I have to.

Ya your right doesn’t have to be a draw for a rematch.

The money being made calls for a 2nd an 3rd fight

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Last night for calling the fight. Here we go…