Mc Donalds Play Land

I’d like to find others who have these on routes to discuss ideas for up selling certain service they (micky D) may find themselves in need of.

who else does em?Home Seller Letter.pdf (1.99 MB)Home Seller Letter.pdf (1.99 MB)Home Seller Letter.pdf (1.99 MB)

ive tried on numerous occasions to acquire both McD’s in my town, but they are content with the horrible job their staff does.

We have 1 we do with a huge glass ceiling. Pays I think $125, 1 dude cranks it out with polezilla and a backflip in about an hour and a half. Its twice a month…

I’ve got one that I do the exterior each month and the interior every 3 months. I also do the owner’s residence.

He has a janitorial crew that comes in and does the general cleaning and they also do the non-playground windows in the main part of the building on whatever schedule they have.

I plan to offer the owner power washing of the McDonalds and his residence. I guess he may need someone to change light bulbs up high and clean the sign out front. I don’t know if I can reach the roadside sign though…I’ll have to go check it out.

I haven’t really thought about it until you posted. Good thinking to come up with ideas to upsell this venue because there are certainly other tasks that need to be done.

The owner of the one I do has at least 4 McDonalds in this area but only one has the massive playground glass enclosure. If I can upsell other tasks at the store with the playground maybe I can do those same tasks at his other locations.

When I left the manager the estimate I believe I broke it down so we do everything ground level twice a month @ $60 and the second and third level of glass in the playland quarterly along with the ground level glass @ $125. He was asking how to keep the cost down and that was the best scenario I could offer him. Kids can’t really get their greasy Mcnugget hands all over that higher glass anyway. Great accounts though if you can lock them in. The majority of these guys own more then one restaurant. I know the guy who owns the one we do is in the process of building another McD’s and we should be locked in to service that location when it is up and running.

right now I do 4 mcdonalds and 1 of them has the big playland, the family that has these 4 owns 16 all together and he is kind of feeling me out for a few months, then we will talk about the others. I do them all bi-weekly, even the playland. I haven’t tried any upselling yet, just trying to keep them happy for right now.

dude…it is me. Phil.


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