Mean and Green Cleaner

Hey guys,

I just got a new toy in from Stepan. Called their Steposol Citri Met. You be the judge of how green. Look at their MSDS. It is based on DLimonene from oranges. Can be cut to 2% with 98% water. I’m going to start testing tomorrow on the route.

Check out the video. STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET Application Highlights - YouTube


I just purchased a can of Misty Limosol, I wonder how they stack up.

Well Eric. The MSDS for your product lists the DLimonene at 30 to 60 percent. Whereas mine is only 5 to 10 percent. The blend of emulsifiers for the Steposol is different. But the main working chem here is DLimonene. So Misty should be more effective at dissolving grease. I wonder how easy it is to remove each by wiping. Would be interesting to test them both.