Measuring devices

Hi there

I’d like to get some suggestions based on experience on measuring devices, I’ve seen in some threads that some were mentioned but don’t remember where.

It’s primary use won’t be gutters but I think that there’s people over here that uses them for measuring gutters (wheel) and out of reach windows (laser)

thanks in advance

Carlos, what do you plan on measuring? I don’t guess I totally understand your question.

I think he’s talking about using them to measure gutters. I simply walk them off. By taking an average stride for me (6’ 3") of about 3ft I can closely figure a house gutter job.

You can also find measuring wheels (think stick with handle at one end and small wheel at other) at hardware (HD, Lowe’s) stores.

Pacing off for residential is very convenient; I find a wheel for commercial/apartments better suited.

I have one of those digital meters, you just point at the wall & it gives you a reading back. On mine its possible to let the machine do the adding up. I think it was around $40 or so. Get the one with the lazer sight - that way you can measure the distance for wfp sections, although it can be hit & miss!

I was pricing out some laser measuring devices just this morning. Might go pick one up tomorrow. I like the Stanley FatMax Tru-Laser, probably look into that one a little more.

PLease let me know what you get and how it works for you.
I’m planning on using if for gutters but I’m trying to get into roof cleaning and will be a nice little gadget to have.

Larry, I need to get one of those wheel measuring devs - Any brand that you’ve used and liked ?
Wheel needs to be large so it doesn’t get stuck in grass.

thanks a lot

I bought mine at my local Harbor Freight store. It was cheap and has a small wheel. It has never gotten stuck in the grass.

I have a Rolatape Measure Master MM-12. Inexpensive; small wheel; folds to ~16 inches; works well on grass.

Ended up picking up the Stanley Fat Max Tru-Laser and so far it’s been a great little device. Has really helped with all aspects of power washing estimates, rain flow estimates and height of mid-rise buildings to determine if we can get by up to our 40’ ladders and wfp’s or if we will end up needing to rent a lift. It retailed for $100.00 at Home Depot and so far no complaints here.

Thanks for the follow up Sean, I’ll pick up one next time and give it a try … if is not good I can always take it back. :slight_smile: