Meebo not working

Hey chris/alex.

the meebo function is just a white box on my screen…i can see and yo guys perfectly but meebo not working…

is it only my computer i wonder??

anything i can do?


you’re screwed

Thank you for clarifying my situation. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that … It appeared to be working on our end… What browser do you use? You way also want to update your Flash / and java… Let me know if that works out.

Was using explorer last night…mebo was working for the last few weeks on this computer though.

No worries anyway.

The picture seems to freeze every now & then - just refresh your browser & it should sort it out. I’ve started using google chrome especially for the US sites. I still have IE 7 for Europe. You can still use whichever browser you like that you set as default - but chrome is lightning, I’m just not used to its layout features, so I carry on using IE or Firefox.

Yep i refreshed a few times but there was still just a blank white screen where meebo was supposed to be…will try chrome then.

I’ll root out the laptop and try watcing on that next time and see if theres any difference…video quality and sound was perfect though, so thumbs up on that front