Meet JessicaWCR

WCR Forum meet JessicaWCR…JessicaWCR meet the Forum!

I know many of you have seen Jessica posting on the forum over the past few weeks, welcoming new WCRA Members and letting us all know about new benefits. This is because Jessica is stepping in to help out with the management of the WCRA and PWRA while I am away on maternity leave. She is going to be the go to gal when it comes to questions and help with the membership and anything pertaining to the WCRA. Please feel free to message her, send her an email, or even give her a call on our other new addition, a new Membership Phone Line!

All the information for Jessica and the # is posted below. If you guys have any questions for me feel free to reach out. Even while on leave I’ll still be reachable via email or here on the forum!

Forum: JessicaWCR
Email: [email protected]
Phone #: [COLOR=#500050][FONT=arial] [/FONT][/COLOR]862-273-7156

Congats Kate!!

Congrats, and good luck! Where are all the photos :wink:

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