Meet the WCR Staff

I made up a quick little staff page so everyone knows who they are dealing with when they call in to purchase a product, ask for tech support etc…

This is the official WCR line up.

The Staff


From the looks of that photo, Alex has a bit of attitude!

Attitude? ME? I’ll have you know that my mommy was on my arm in that picture.:smiley:

ahhhhhh!!! what a sweet boy.

Update the staff page!

You’ve been digging up some old threads the last couple days.

I didn’t see it was from 2008…I was wondering where Kate’s photo was

Where Kate?

In the kitchen where she belongs!!!1!

I just started paying attention to the suggested threads at the bottom. Now I have read some and I want [paul harvey] the rest of the story![/paul harvey].

I have a few questions for Mandy!!! wow!

Quick – somebody get a hose.

Yea Thad whats up with that!

Or Steph, Kate, Katie… Lots of new Staff coming this year…

Hello Staff, make sure you all enter the $500 cash Video contest

I already told you.
I just started paying attention to the suggested threads at the bottom of the page and I found a few that I wanted the followup on.

If you notice the time that those threads were bumped you can see that a touch of insomnia us part of the equation, also.

I’m going to start doing a Ron and go bump every old thread I can find.
That’ll teach ya!

I vote for a new staff page for sure!