Member of the Chamber?

I am asked atleast twice a month by various people… Why arent you a member of the chamber of commerce? I dont really have an answer for them.

Do you belong? Why or Why Not?

This is a good question, and one that I am trying to figure out for myself.

I live in one town, and work in 4 towns. They are all side by side. I need to pick one Chamber,
pros one is huge and the city is bigger,
cons the cost is higher

the other large chamber in the town to the left side,
pros cost is less, very active membership, lots of activities
cons smaller chamber

Another thing is just how much money is there to go around. When I am looking at how much I have for advertising, verses paying all the other bills, I am wondering what is the best for me, and what will bring in the best return on investment.

Still undecided, but I thought I would put in my thoughts.

O in case you are wondering, the towns here are all side by side, areas, with the 401 highway running right through them. (it is like your interstates)
each area is a little pie shaped with all being smaller at the bottom and all being larger at the top (sort of, easiest description)
I live on the bottom area, beside the 401 with a 5 min drive to the towns on either side, so where do I work actually ?? good question.

I am a member of my local Chamber of commerce. Out of over 800 businesses I am the only Window Cleaning company in there. I have good opportunity to advertise, like 1000 fliers for $125 in the monthly newsletter. Also every month we have a business after hours with tons of opportunity to network with managers, business owners and such. My chamber offers discounts for fuel, cell phones, as well as discounts on printing, advertising on radio just to name a few. So far so good for me, plus it shows my community that im not just a squeegee kid on the street, but a legitimate business, that takes my business and the community seriously.

Have you gotten any work from it yet? I know of the business viability factors, but the yes, I have work from it, is still a mystery.

so far ive been asked for quotes, on two large jobs, and one regular smaller job …all commercial all from the chamber. I’m certain to have a fair chance at landing all of them

Thats great man, make sure you take your flier with you, and maybe hand some out to the staff as well.

I debate on joining some of them. It takes work to get work there, that I know.

It is all about networking, not showing up once a month and hand out cards. As we all know they are not sitting there waiting for our service… they are trying to sell theirs.

I don’t know if I have time for it to be honest. It could be great, who knows.

I’m currently a NO, since I don’t see the same ROI as my other marketing methods.

I thin the chamber may be better suited to smaller communities. This introduces me to “bigwigs” in an informal setting, where i can get to know them and they get to know me. My chamber hosts trade shows as well, and at their social evenings once a month, there are always new contacts made. it was a good move for me, as a newer business in this town, and also since there are no other Window Cleaners part of the chamber.

I feel the Chamber is a great way to polish your networking skills in large group, It also builds credibility in the eyes of many consumers. And it is fairly inexpensive.

as of today…yes!