Membership Director

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to officially announce my new position here as Membership Director!

As most of our members know I have been the point of contact for membership related things but going forward I will be allotting most of my time to the Window Cleaning Association!

In this position I will be handling all things Member related. This means if there are any questions regarding your current membership, I’ll be here to answer and assist. Also I am looking forward to taking any suggestion on how we can better the WCRA for our members.

In addition to that I would love to answer any questions people may have about joining the WCRA and the benefits you get as a member.

So please feel free to call, email, or message me here on the forum. Im looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey Welcome Kate!

If you guys / gals ever want to you are welcome to schedule a time and take one of our on boarding sessions:

WCRA Onboarding

Most people dont realize how much stuff is available at the WCRA, but Kate can bring you up to speed in about 30 minutes.

Welcome Kate

Hooray Kate, thanks for your hard work!

Congrats. Is the boss giving you a pay raise with this??

Welcome Kate. You r gr8!

Kate is gr8!

Nice, Kate.