Mentor for young aspiring business owner?

Hi all,

I am a 19 year old kid in college currently. I owned my first business at 14 hustling on the internet and have been hooked to operating businesses ever since. I currently run a social media management company that is doing okay… sort of. Well I have been looking into the window washing business for a few weeks and think it is a fascinating business to get into.

I grew up in suburbia and had a decent childhood. While I am tech savvy, I am lacking in the skills of physical labor type of work as I my parents never had to do it themselves and thus never taught me as they always hired someone to do projects and work around the house. I was wondering if there was anyone near the Sacramento area that would be willing to introduce me to the window cleaning industry so I can see if it is something I am actually interested in when it comes to practicing it and not just reading or watching videos about it. I think I am even more interested in it as I think it would be awesome to do something with my hands and not be stuck behind a computer all day!

Even if there is nobody around the Sacramento area on here to allow me to watch them for a day and maybe try to learn the basics of the basics, it would be awesome if there was somebody on here that is currently in the business that can mentor me remotely!


you’d be welcome to come up to redding for a day

I appreciate it! I will take you up on that offer if there isn’t somebody a tad bit closer that chimes in! 2 1/2 hour drive is a nice long drive.

Most likely no one in your service area is going to train their competition. I would take leavingnc up on his offer before that door closes


requires effort

You might still get someone locally to help you. Don’t expect to enjoy it. They’ll have you on the bottom of the totem pole and you’ll need to put in time and sweat. Think of it like an unpaid internship. And they’ll probably come up with some rock solid non compete so don’t plan on staying in Sacto afterwards.
There needs to be some benefit to your mentor. Nearly free, high quality labor with a golden attitude might get someone to accept you.

You don’t need anyone to teach you. You’ve seen the videos and done some basic research. First thing I would do is figure out your pricing structure and get out in the neighborhood with flyers or door hangers. You’ll learn as you go. It’s not rocket surgery but it is hard work especially when it comes to carrying ladders.

I started with nothing but a ladder and basic tools from ahem Home Depot. Don’t do this if you don’t need to. Buy yourself a good starter kit and get to work. Don’t stop and you’ll love it. Or you won’t.