Merlin RO

The Merlin RO system is a great unit for one thing. Price. For $500.00 you can’t go wrong when considering that the next unit up is nearly $2,000.00 and has about the same production rate.

The problem with the Merlin is that it simply does not have a good waste : product water ratio. 3:1 is poor at best. The next problem is the same problem any RO system without a pump will have. There is no pressure so if there is not enough coming in, then it doesn’t work. This can be dealt with by simply bypassing the RO when the pressure is too low and going right to the DI.

Again, for the price its worth dealing with for some. All the people that we have sold Merlins to, have been happy. But they have been well educated by us about what they are getting into.

What kind of pressure from the tap do I need to run the Merlin and a small DI tank and still have good flow at 40ft? I have the small flow screws on my Tucker if that makes any difference.

who sells the Merlin RO?

60PSI or better.