Hi there, another thread from the newest pure water club newbie.

COuld you give me some facts about the Merlin unit ?

Pros and cons … good investment for the long run ? save and get the “real thing” ? Have the van and my tank, haven’t done ONE job yet with my WFP but I like to plan ahead.

Thanks for the input

Shawn Gavin and Jason Klovansky can give you the low-down.

I know you’ll need about 60psi to run it w/ enough pressure so you may also need a pump.

I have 30PSI pressure where I live, and my merlin takes the TDS down from 270 to 40,… then I DI it on the way into the van tank.
720 Gallons per day, for a very small price,… you can’t go wrong!

And around 70% rejection rate - not the greenest of units.