METSYSTEM Introduction

I have a bad habit of not introducing myself on forums so I think it’s time to break it.

I started in the janitorial business with my father back in 1968 at the age of 13 doing windows, restrooms, floors and carpets. He bought a small restroom cleaning company in 1972 and we made our own toilet bowl and sink cleaner. The toilet bowl cleaner was a hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) base which we made ourselves, bottled and sold. My father got out of the business but I continued on until 1990. I was getting back into the window cleaning business back in 2002 but ended up taking on a job that would interfere with window cleaning so I gave the accounts I had over to a friend who was in the business. I am now looking to get back into the business but would like to keep it simple, store fronts, small residential and any accounts I can do on my own. I would also be willing to do larger accounts with another company. My purpose in starting a business is for supplemental income when I retire.

The first professional window cleaning equipment I used back when I started was a round brush nailed to a 4’ wooden pole, an Ettore brass squeegee on a 4’ wooden pole, a round white bucket, sea sponge and some rags. The cleaning solution was Soilax. Later, when a local supply company in the 70’s started carrying Unger I bought the clipless squeegees, strip washers, aluminum poles and rectangular buckets. In 2002, I saw the XXXXX equipment and thought he was as innovative as Ettore and Unger so I purchased thier squeegees.

Anyway, here I am getting back into the business.


Welcome aboard

welcome to the site and welcome back to the wcing biz

Welcome aboard John!

Good To read about your history John, I’m glad we are friends here…I’m glad to see you running about here dude.

I hope all goes well for you in your window cleaning endeavors, good luck !

Your Friend / DangerousDange2u

Welcome John!

Welcome back John. “If you build it, they will come” :slight_smile:

Hey John, glad to know the real you!

So anyways, I won’t “welcome” you because you’ve been on this board long enough to know the field and what’s what.

Everytime I see you on, I always think to ask you what your name means. Being that it’s in all caps and a bit unique, it always jumps out at me.

So I guess now is s perfect time to ask. So what does METSYSTEM mean? Was that the name of your old company?


Thanks for the welcome.
I’ll try to keep it short as to how I got the name METSYSTEM. The original name of my father’s company was Metro Janitorial Service. The problem is he never registered the name. When he got out of the business I took over the accounts, but at the time a lawyer had registered the name Metro Janitorial Service. I didn’t want to spend time and money finding out what legal recourse I could take so I changed the name. I wanted to keep it related to Metro Janitorial Service so I came up with METSYSTEM. I didn’t know this at the time but it’s a word used with subway systems.
The reason I’m using the name now is because of my father. He’s 76 and retired but likes to keep busy. He’s involved in a small way with the business like dropping off cards, sales sort of. He took a real liking to the name METSYSTEM so I decided to reuse it.
I used the name METSYSTEM from the late 70’s until 1990 and I have it in caps to make it stand out.

Yeah thats cool. I had a feeling it was business related. It def stands out.

Is it just your name on here now or is it the name of your WCing biz too?

It’s what I’m using for the WCing biz now. I’ll probably change it in the future.

Welcome John

Glad to have you.