Michigan - GlassRenu Technician Needed!

Hey all!

It’s Cole again, got some service that needs to be done in Michigan but no one to help them out. If you live in the state of Michigan, and happen to be near the Detroit area or service the Detroit area, then it is time for us to get in contact with one another.

If you have been thinking about providing Glass Restoration, then this is the time to move forward with it. Reply to this thread or send me a PM so we can discuss Glass Restoration and we can talk about the jobs I have been getting calls for recently.

Thank you all and I hope you have a great day!



Hello everyone!

I got some more jobs lined up in Michigan, but I still need a GlassRenu technician out there! If anyone is interested in these jobs, and wants to make more money, please get in contact with me. I have locations that need service in Kalamazoo and Traverse City. If you service these areas already then you are in a great position to start making extra money and providing an add-on service that sells itself. Lets talk today and get you hooked up with these jobs! I look forward to talking with anyone who is interested. The call for the service is there, lets rise to the occasion!



Cole do you still need someone in Michigan for the glassrenu? Give me a call.


Hey Cole, I live in Wisconsin but would be interested in hearing more about your needs in Michigan.
We are a little slow right now and I could maybe take time out to head over and take care of that…if the $ is right.

Please send me an email..kyle@clearvisioncleaning.com

I’m in suburban Detroit.
Battle Creek is a couple hours… but Travers is at the top of “The Mitten.” :smiley:

… might as well be Pittsburgh or Indianapolis, distance-wise.

Do you guys realize those posts are a year old right ?

I know this tread is old but when ever u have a job up in the northern part im your man