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Question for the other Michigan cleaners on the forum; are y’all out working or staying locked up?

I ask because thus far I have stayed in, ect. However I’m getting a touch anxious, had 3 customers call today asking for exteriors to be done.
Initially I was going to try to wait it out, follow the shelter in place guidance and just use the Independent Contractor unemployment option. (Not ideal because it’s pennies compared to what we can make, but at least it would be SOMETHING.) Instead Michigan has decided not to get it’s act together and doesn’t even have the forms to register for unemployment yet, let alone start the waiting process to see what your going to receive.
So $0 coming in, no unemployment on the horizon, and turning away funds. Just not sitting right with me.
On the flip side, I also don’t want to endanger myself or others, or get ticketed if window cleaning, in the laws eyes, doesn’t fall into the necessary business category.

Curious what others are doing here?

you know what’s going on in your area

some general things to think about

will someone sue you saying you got them sick (seen this on news with employees suing employers)

will an employee sue you? will OSHA get involved or be reported to?

Will you get ticketed while working? (if it’s illegal to be out, is that a law abiding citizen?)

will you get neighbor shaming while on a house job?

what if you inadvertently get someone sick? (you’re asymptomatic)

what’s cheaper? loss of work, or Covid ICU health costs?


We’re still working here in Michigan…works down at least 25% Id say… we’re doing exterior work only and just me and my brother working separate trucks… wont bring any helpers on till after the shutdown. We do house washing also so that technically qualifies as sanitizing and gutter cleaning is critical home maintenance. Emailed invoices and online payments and staying 6’ away from customers… no harm done… cant wait till this is over tho we were looking forward to a big year


Forgive me if this post seems messy, for some reason, my typing is hidden, so I am writing in the dark so to speak.

Not sure why I don’t see anything.?

This is what my screen looks like (screencap from another thread)

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3rd post in a row, so it won’t let me do anymore, pats this.

I’m following the “stay at home” and I’m guessing it will last longer that April 31, as they slowly put us back in place.

Check out the UIA/CARES ACT… it’s worth the time spent.
$600 + minimum $160/per week per person… that may be “pennies on the dollar” but it’s still a good ‘50 cent’ on the dollar. (Lol. I had to throw in some slang)

The $600 per week is pretty much automatic, the $160 I speak about is the minimum.
If you provide tax details, it will adjust.

Tomorrow is the starting line, but if your last name ends with “M-Z” you can get your claim started ahead of time, today.

Otherwise you can start on Tuesday (A-L last names are Monday)

You can roll out with $720 per person, minimum… and if you wonder why the govt is willing to give you that kind of money to sit at home?
… shit MUST be serious!


you took the words out of my mouth on that thread. I was trying to figure out his method, knowing well that it is the same one maid services use when they are doing a “deluxe” clean. Sadly, consumers opnly know what they have experienced and if he charges correct prices they’re fools and if he is low balling he’s going out of business if he is actually report income.

All of my unemployment back pay, plus $600 a week CARES act money tacked on, came in this morning… Gotta say that goes down smooth. Good advice from you guys; feels good not endangering myself, others or my business while collecting a decent winfall out of it.
Not the right choice for every situation, but it is for me.

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