Micro Fiber Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner


[SIZE=5][B]MicroFiber Scrubbers Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


Awesome job Mark!

Well done Mark. Have you ever tried the Pulex Micro (not the tiger)? Or the Steccone Micro?

I prefer the tighter weave of the Unger MicroStrip to the Pulex Microfiber – more scrubbing ability in my eyes.

No I haven’t Tony. Since I didn’t notice any significant difference between Ettore’s Microfiber and Unger’s Microfiber, I wouldn’t imagine any other microfiber to have too much of an edge over these. Could I be wrong?:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Mark, I have tried the unger and Pulex and it seemed to me that the Pulex held more water. Could be wrong though!

My perception as well, Tony.

nice vid mark!

Thanks mang. I only wish I could grow a real manly mustache like that guy in those Mr. Sanchez vids. :stuck_out_tongue:

SSHHHHH!!! no one knows yet:eek: