Mid rise bid from route work, thoughts?

New bid.
3 buildings. Same general area, the 2 identical ones are side by side.

I haven’t submitted the estimate yet. Any thoughts or questions you would ask the property mgr? Or any other considerations, please lmk.

Also, is there such thing as downstream chemical injection for wfp? @Alex @John

Here are pics, bid is for inside/out. Much thanks in advance😊

Bldg 1 - 157 windows

Bldg 2

Bldg 3


My thoughts on suggestions, be ready to put them to your list of clients! You tagged almost everyone that I would have. :wink:

I’m looking forward to seeing some great responses.

@RHG_Products Shawn might be able to give some input on the wfp solution injector, since Tucker was the go to for that awhile back (I’m not sure now though, lol.)

Good luck @TheWindowCleanse!!

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Nice looking 3 stories building. Good for you!

Question about the chemicals. Have you thought of using a backpack sprayer/pump box with chemicals going up with a separate pole?

Any high inside work to do on the entrances?

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Yes, I have considered the pump sprayer. Is there enough pressure to get to 3rd story? Shurflo the brand to go with?

  1. not sure about inside. I need to get in touch w mgr and do a walk thru.

I was thinking Unger Speedkit on pole? I would rather not have to rent a lift for insides.


The Shurflo or the Gardiner versions. Or, even a diy pump box.

I’ve gotten 5 stories with the Shurlfo. It wasn’t the most flow/pressure at the brush but totally enough to work with. Especially if your needs on this job is just to spray a bit of chemicals on the glass it should be fine.


Merci beaucoup, monsieur!


Tucker® has offered a detergent dispenser for a long time. Its available as an add on option if you are looking to introduce detergent on a job.

Basically its just an inline canister that holds your detergent and a dedicated hose line for delivery of the detergent so you don’t contaminate your pure water hoses.

If you want more info let me know.


Yes, i would be interested

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A little late to this one, sorry.

I read the post twice, and must have missed it.

Why are you in need of injecting something in the water?

Questions I would ask?

Quarterly? 3x’s per year?

When is the bid due by?

What was your main frustration with your last vendor?

Thats it, if this is the first time with them. Feel them out and always see if you can learn something about them and how they think and what about people in our industry pisses them off and make yourself and your outfit the exact opposite.

Either beat the deadline for the bid by a day, or be late by a day. There are advantages for both strategies and again, you can only learn the best thing to do by talking to them.

On your estimate, be clear on it what exactly they will be getting for the price they will be paying, because if you don’t, you could end up with a true headache.

Personally I will put on the estimate that it includes the cleaning of all mullions and or frames, and also put “Exclusions: does NOT include stain removal of any kind. Does NOT include paint removal.”

This will get you passed the noob manager who tells you that the glass aint cleaned when his/her landscapers adjusted the sprinkler heads to hit the glass instead of the grass, and the glass really needs to be restored. Trust me, you need to put that in there.


Why are you thinking chemical for a job like this ?

Are they extremely dirty if so maybe heat would be a better alternative

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2 reasons for soap:

  1. Water by itself is not a good cleaning agent. Most dirt is made of hydrogen and carbon (oil). This is a first time clean, so i want to prewash with gg4.

  2. Reliable sources confirm that one downfall of wfp is that it doesn’t do great with initial cleans.

Good advice from all. i thank you.


No due date for bid. No outside competition. They may have a company already.

I’ve done many first cleans with my wfp that I was amazed with the results
I’ve also done first cleans that I have to break out the ladders cause it just wasn’t cutting it
So to say it donesnt work on first cleans is a half of a story. Get a good brush line the tucker hydrid , or a Gardiners brush An that’s willl help tremendously. I think your better off with heat rather than soap you’ll jace to do less rinsing
You can ask @Pure_Water_Window_Cl What heat can do for you


You probably don’t need to man. Thats too much and overboard.


Ok much thanks men! I will give that some thought.

@Majestic66 @TheWindowCleanse

Ya, adding heat will help you to cut through the tough stuff like a hot knife through butter.

However, I am still often amazed at what a good brush, di water, and some muscle can clean up.


Pre scrubbing does work on nasty greasy windows, but not all the time. I’ve never used heat, but would use it before a pre scrub without a second thought. To get all the soap off the glass, the wall, and the mullions below is a time consuming process that makes the job just drag by and take 3 times longer than a regular clean.

You might want to test first. Give it two passes with the brush, move to next window and give it 4 passes. Then with a different brush maybe a hogs hair, do the next window with two passes the next with 4 and wait to see if you like what you see and what works.