Mid West Cleaning Convention #2


[LEFT]So last summer with the help of Tony Evans, WCR helped put on the first Midwest Window Cleaning Convention. We have decided to do it again this year… And this one is going to be big, really big!

A full event schedule will be released this Friday.

So far its looking like a 100 person event, jam packed with awesome.

Thousands in giveaways, awesome speakers, and an amazing meal. This will be a multi day event, that is both fun and highly educational. The big focus will of course be on window cleaning but the theme is education and taking your business to the next level.

So far the speaker line up is looking like this:

[B]Kevin Dubrosky from – Kevin Dubrosky

Doug MacDonald from – How to do your own SEO guide | Get on page one of Google

Chris Lambrinides – WCR, ACWC[/B]

Alex, Bill and Kate WCR will also be on hand.

This is the first time the 3 of will be under one roof, it should be insanely informative. We will each be giving lengthy talks in our areas of expertise. Window Cleaning Marketing, Window Cleaning websites SEO, and Window Cleaning business building. It will surely take your business to the next level.

Of course there will be the usual window cleaning stuff, hands on scratch demos, learn how to do it yourself. Fabricating debris, talks…and how to remove those scratches. Water Fed pole demos all day long. Get your hands on every WFP on the market today. Multiple pure water carts will be on hand as well to test out.

This will surely have the most window cleaners in one spot in the country this year. (other than the iwca convention)

Oh and the best part, its 100 FREE… Hell you’ll make money by coming to this event. Between the huge amount of giveaways, freebies, prizes and knowledge… You will be coming away with $ in your pocket.



Will Larry be there? If so, I’m in!!

What city?

I’ll be there for sure this year.

It will be in Coralville, Iowa. Right on Interstate 80. In fact it will be held at the Hampton Inn which is off the 1st Ave exit in Coralville. Here’s a link to the hotel - Hotel - Iowa City, Coralville - Iowa, IA - Hampton Inn Hotels Tell them you are w/ the Midwest Window Cleaning Conference. The room rate is $89 a night.
You don’t want to miss this one!

Am I in Heaven…no it’s Iowa. F.O.D

I can’t wait for baseball season to begin.

We lived 45 minutes away when they were shooting the film. On Spring evenings as you drove by Dyersville you could see the lights from the field.

Nothing would make me happier than to meet up with you, Linda. We’ll see…

I also wanted to say that if anyone has any tools they aren’t using or want to sell, bring them to this event. Over lunch and at the end of the day you’ll might be able to sell them to other attendees. I have a couple of Mr LongArm ProFit poles that I’ve modified w/ the Ettore locking cone to sell.

What’s the nearest airport?

damn it YEAH have to get my ass there for sure!! Bring my wife along as I be sure to forget most the sh%t for sure. I be like a kid in a candy store with all the great stuff going on there it sounds like, pack my truck up with all the freebie stuff you guys will be dishing out… Might even wear my customer t shirt KISS ME I’M A BRIT!! ha ha

Sounds like fun… unless I’m making a mint here that weekend count me in!!!

The Eastern Iowa airport is just south of Cedar Rapids and is 25 minutes from the hotel. I can shuttle you if you need Thad!

It will definitely be the event of the year!

Can’t wait! I’ll actually be able to drive to this one. Count four of us in. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys.

It’ll be great to meet you, too, Kurt!

Yea count me in I want that 100.00 dollars.

Is there any way to be an exhibitor at the show?

What will you be exhibiting?

Hey David yes we would love to have you. I will give you the details tomm when I email you about that other thing.

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