Middle school ccu

Outsides, 2nd floor only ccu. Cleaning company says they need someone only for 2nd floor outsides. Any ideas as to what you’d price it at? Lift may or may not be needed. Just looking for ideas from the community. Thanks!

Price it min 2x your normal rate, use a lift if possible because standing on a ladder all day doing ccu will wear you out fast.


Maybe price it with their lift (the school district should have one) and with your lift fees and transport.

Keep us up to date and let us know how it goes. This is a question I would ask too.

Price it at whatever you price CCU at then double or triple that.

If the cleaning company is asking only for 2nd floor they WILL be a pain to work with.


I’d recommend 3x-5x normal rate. Lifts make it easy but they still take time to move and ccu windows take 5x as long to clean.


My question is why do they need someone for the second floor?

Most likely because their insurance doesn’t cover them for any work over XX feet in height. Most smaller janitorial companies do not work at height.


They didn’t say. They’re doing all insides and first floor. Not worried if I don’t get it, though. Maybe accessing higher windows a liability they’re not insured for? Dunno

Pre lift, I came up with about $1,200. There’s about 180+ panes I could count. Throw in the lift and it’s about $2k.

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Soooooo I was surprised to get a call this morning that they want to hire us! I’m excited but a little bit nervous too since it will be the biggest commercial job we’ve done.


Congrats @Erica! You guys got this!! :smile:

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Got your scratch waiver signed?

Not yet, but we definitely will. We were out of town today so will be getting everything in order tomorrow.

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Thanks! :blush:

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They’ve stipulated in the service agreement no metal scrapers to be used, and that we are only removing minimal amounts of adhesives, drywall, paint and dirt. So should we still have a scratch waiver?


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I would. Everyone and their dog has a razor on a construction site. The window guys have razors, the drywall guys have razors, the concrete guys carry a razor and splash concrete everywhere, the jackwad with a grinder next to the window probably has a razor. Drywall paste can scratch a window. If it’s old castle glass and you looked at it, then it’s already scratched.

I’d stipulate that you won’t use a razor BUT you want to be protected against existing scratches.

They’ve already taken the stickers off? Because without a razor, they are a PAIN to remove. You can use magic erasers, but I’ve found that a damp microfiber can do miracles. Also goo-gone, or goof-off (I get them confused - which ever one comes in the little tin can) is super powerful stuff for getting residue off.


“Minimal Amounts” = Shitloads upon shitloads


Their lift or yours?

We have to rent one.