Midwest Window Cleaning Conference

I’ve been toying w/ the idea of having an event here in Iowa for a while now. I’m still selecting the venue but the city will be Iowa City. I’ve talked to RHG, Tucker, WCR, Paul, and Jack Nelson and gotten some excellent feedback.
I plan on discussions on subjects like fabrication debris (big surprise, huh?), stain removal, marketing, tips and techniques, and of course wfp’s. I’d also like to see some round table discussions that just evolve from guys talking about what they love.
So now for the fun part - who wants to come to Iowa? It’ll be July 18th!

This could be pretty cool… What type of place are you thinking of having it at?

It would be great if we could have one in all of the different parts of the country. Im in Florida and would be willing to host one here.

Im in NW missouri .:smiley: I am game

Is this official already or just in the works ?

I’m staying at Tony’s.

tony you mind if I park the winnebago in your driveway?

Carlos - It’s going to happen. The only variables are who can show up.:cool:

Larry - As long as you sign the press release.:wink:

Scott (Yogurt) - You and Lone Star are more than welcome.:slight_smile:

I’m in St. Louis. That’s within striking distance. If I’m not overwehlmed on July 18 I’ll try to make it. Keep us posted with the details.

It might be possible that I could make that trip Tony. I’m from Nebraska and go back there often. Perhaps I could make it business/home visit deal. Let me know once you finalize plans.

There’s a Hampton Inn that sits right on Interstate 80 and it’s 4 floors. They have a smaller conference room that could keep the setting intimate and the windows on the street side would make a perfect venue for wfp demos. I’ll be talking w/ the manager to see about room rates and conference room costs.

Window cleaning round tables hosted by window cleaners would be awesome!

It’s a possiblity that I may have to make a trip to Iowa in July!

I’d love to see all you guys there! Come one come all to the greatest show in the world! :smiley:

Meetings put on for contractors by contractors are the best, whether it’s 5 guys meeting at a restaurant or a full-on two day event.
Tony, if you need any help or guidance feel free to PM me.

Thanks, Thad!:slight_smile:

Make sure they stock up on bacon.

Tony! Tony! Dont you remember the movie that put Iowa on the map. “If you build it, they will come”

I would be more than happy to support you and let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you in the planning.

This could be interesting. I’m game!

Reach Higher Ground will be there.

We will be happy to put on seminars and do outdoor demos for the attendees.

I would like to thank Tony for the opportunity to attend the event and we look forward to it being a big success.

how about web casting it too?