Midwest Window Cleaning Conference

Yep we can handle that!.. literally the whole thing live…

I just wouldn’t want that to detract from attendance, as there is nothing like being there.

Will be visiting family in Omaha that week might be able to sneak away!

Chris, Shawn, Mike and the rest of my fellow wcers. I’m overwhelmed by the abundance of responses. I thought it would end up being a - “who in the world wants to go to Iowa” - kind of thing. Thank you for the support and the opportunity to give back to an industry that I love so much. Hopefully I’ll have a venue nailed down by the end of next week. The weather is breaking and it’s startin got get busy here. I hope you guys are experiencing the same thing.
I also am having some mixed emotions because tomorrow will be the filming of my last episode of the winter series of Weather or Not! I’ve enjoyed doing the show more than I can say and would like to thank Chris and Alex for the opportunity.

Weather or not summer edition? Tips to beat the heat and stay hydrated? just a thought.

Brother, we are thinking that :smiley:

Oh thats a awesome idea!!

If you have the time you should get something started on WFP.
You own one, have experience and enjoy the video stuff … I vote for you ! :smiley:

If you want it I can make it happen. Just say the word!


Thanks for the vote of confidence Carlos. I think Micah would do an excellent job. I’ll be happy to discuss on video using a wfp to beat the summer heat.:wink:

Hey Tony, Don’t stop now!!! We have weather all year long ya know.

And yeah, Micah would be really cool for the WFP show. He’s a sharp kid.

I want to apologize since I didn’t knew that Micah was working on a WFP series already.
Looking forward to see the first episode :slight_smile:

Here we go people! I picked a place to have the event. The Country Inn and Suites. The room rate is $84.99 (not including tax). You can take a look at the hotel and meeting room here http://www.countryinns.com/hotels/iacoral
I’ll be putting together a lunch (similar to what the IWCA put out at the trade show) and the cost for it will be $10. There will be free coffee all day and free donuts (from an Amish bakery) in the morning. I’ll have a detailed description of the lunch once Mrs Squeegee finalizes it. I’ll also be giving every attendee a special little something from me. Now I just need to know how many guys are coming. Any takers?

Tony, how far is it from Kansas City Missouri?

The hotel sits just off of Interstate 80 and it’s about 4 1/2 hrs drive time and 300 miles.

That’s not too bad. Bill and I may be in!!!

That would be cool! Mrs Squeegee says she’d love to see you two again.:slight_smile:

Well you tell Mrs. Squeegee we’d love to see her again too!!! We see you every Monday!!!

Alex and I decided… We will 100% be attending this event.

Tony this event looks like it’s shaping up to really be an [B]EVENT![/B]

It’s only 16 hours away from here. I’d love to make it if I can.