Might get some rain toady

Holy freaking cow it has rained! Can you say 40 days and 40 nights?

Fay took aim on our county, landed and has just been sitting for three days now.

winds 20-65 MPH first from the East…then from the N…then West…we have had 20 something inches of water +.

I have been through 6 hurricanes with 75-110 MPH winds…they blow through…move on. But I have never seen a TS like this last for damn near a week!

I have cabin fever out the wazoo!

When will it ever end? (NO, I don not want any cheese to go with the whine)

I feel ya man…I had to move my car and my wifes car at 11:30pm because of the flood. If i didn’t move them…well lets just say when I moved them I was walking in knee high water. This morning it was about thigh high!!!
Glad to live on the 2nd floor.

Look at the bright side, it won’t be long and you’ll be enjoying life and we will be whin… I mean discussing the snow. :eek:

Today the sun comes out!

Next week millions of skeeters start to bite folks.

He said Skeeters!:stuck_out_tongue:

And here I thought that was an okie thing.

I don’t know how you cope with hurricanes and the tropical storms you put up…still it usually is the sunshine state.

Yep. Only sometimes the ‘sunshine’ is in liquid form.

I for one am glad to see her move on.

yeah, but it’s still FL :smiley:
Sunny at 1pm and storming at 1:30pm

fay was definately a pain for doing panes but i kept working by scheduling windows that were protected from rain like plazas with large overhangs or indoor shopping malls . the problem i have most lately is customers cancellling because of a slowed economy and they are struggling to pay bills forcing them to cut back on services.

"round here…there were no protected sides until she was gone.

the only protected sides were the insides, (of my house)

Brace yourself…Gustaf may open the doors.

Can you say “Hurricane”?
sure, I knew ya could.

bummer !